Wedding Memories to Last a Lifetime

Your wedding photos are some of the most precious memories that you’ll ever frame, so you want to be sure that they’re made and displayed properly to preserve your love story beautifully for years to come. 

No matter what we’re framing, we take what we do seriously. Every single one of the pictures we work on has the highest standards of care and attention put into every step of the process. Here are a few of the steps we take to make sure your wedding photos and other important memories enjoy a long and happy life on your walls!


A great piece of wall art starts with a great print! We use only the finest high gsm papers, state-of-the-art Canon printers and high quality fade resistant inks to preserve┬áthe true beauty and vibrancy of your photos. As members of the Fine Art Trade Guild, we uphold the Art Sure Fine Art Print Certification Standard for our giclee prints, making sure you’re always getting the best print quality available today.


As well as being an aesthetic part of your framed photo, a good mount will protect and preserve your print for years to come. We use acid free, high gsm, high quality mount board that acts as a barrier between your photo and the glazing. Best of all, you can choose the widths, quantity and colours of your mount- a wonderful way to match your wedding’s theme perfectly! 

Glazing & Lamination

Unlike the majority of shop-bought, ready-made frames, our Glazing materials excel when it comes to offering beautiful clarity and maximum protection from UV rays. Our smaller prints are glazed with 2mm float glass. Larger pieces are glazed with premium quality acrylic, which provides the look of glass at a much lighter weight. Our canvases and block mounts aren’t forgotten either- they are laminated to protect and preserve the prints they hold. Looking for special glazing options like Art Glass or Anti-Glare acrylic? Just contact us to discuss your requirements.


What’s going on at the back of your picture is crucial to making sure the front always looks its best! After setting your print into its frame and making sure there’s no dust or debris trapped under the glazing, we finish the back with professional Framer’s Tape to make sure it’s sealed and nothing can get in to spoil your view. We also string your frame with low stretch poly cord and include appropriate fixings, making sure hanging it is a breeze rather than a chore!


Our premium mouldings and mounts come in various styles and colours, so instead of trying to make your photos pair well with a pre-made frame, or struggling to find the size you need, let a hand-crafted, tailor-made frame carry the aesthetic of your wedding through to the last details! Use our Online Photo Designer to easily design something that’s unique, beautiful and perfect for your space, or email us for those special touches.

We’re here to make sure your cherished memories don’t fade away! Visit our website to choose your frame, mount, size and aspect ratio and let us do the rest. We’ll hand make and ship your beautiful framed photos within 4 days, ready for you to hang and admire!