Wake up Your Walls

Your interiors can have a substantial effect on your mood, especially during the darker months. Luckily there’s an easy way to pep them up and keep them looking fresh- Walls that are looking tired or drab can be transformed from uninspiring to uplifting just by adding some beautiful wall art!

Looking at a framed picture on a wall is almost like looking into a window to another world, helping create the illusion of more space, as well as setting the mood. The glazing can also provide a lift, reflecting ambient light for a brighter feel. Here are a few ideas you can try to give your home an instant lift!

Update Key Areas

Featured Frame: Square Oak

In every room there are a few locations that serve as focal points. For example, in many living rooms, the mantlepiece and behind the sofa are areas that our eyes naturally gravitate towards. Adding or updating wall art in these areas can make a huge difference and can often change the vibe of a room without changing anything else! Try a large picture with a light colour scheme to open up living areas if they feel a little cramped. If you have a long sofa, a gallery wall hung above it will add visual interest. It’s also a great way to introduce a pop of statement colour to your room!

Brighten Dark Rooms

Featured Frame: Art Walnut

Not all areas of our homes receive good light, and hanging a few pieces of wall art really helps lift dark rooms and hallways. Choose pieces that are in proportion to your space but still large enough to make an impact. Avoid dark prints for this purpose, light colour schemes or bright vivid colours are best for maximising the natural light and space that you’re working with. Where possible, hang near a natural light source for best results.

Create Atmosphere

Featured Frame: Manor White

Your choice of wall art plays a big part in the mood of your room. It’s always helpful to ask yourself what the purpose of the room is, or how you would like to feel when spending time there. Soft, muted prints and light frames are fantastic for spaces where you want to to relax and feel calm, such as bedrooms. Warm tones help create a friendly atmosphere in communal areas, and bright colours work amazingly well in home offices to keep you feeling inspired and energetic!

Featured Frame: Nordic Box Charcoal

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