Turn your Wedding Memories into Heartfelt Gifts

What makes a wedding magical? More than beautiful venues, dresses and flowers, it’s your most cherished friends and family members coming together to share the joy with you, and witnessing the commitment you and your spouse have made to each other.

As well as framing those precious memories to keep, photos from the wedding gifted to the loved ones that made it possible is a wonderful way to show your gratitude and keep those magical moments alive. Here’s some inspiration to help you turn your wedding photos into unforgettable gifts!

Frame the Ideal Family Photo

We get it- sometimes getting a great picture of the whole family can be tricky. Weddings are a fantastic opportunity to get everyone together in one frame, dressed in their best and celebrating a happy moment! Why not make it even more special and include a text box with your family’s names and date of the wedding?

Celebrate Friendships

As well as being there for the wedding itself, your friends were there for you from the very start, from engagement announcements to dress fittings, to stags and hen parties to those final preparations on the morning of the big day. A gift framing a moment from those events show how much you appreciate the love and support they’ve shown in the months leading up to your wedding. Pictures to make them laugh, cry, or sometimes both make for a gift that’s hard to beat!

Show Your Gratitude

A wedding doesn’t happen on it’s own- it’s a group effort from you and the most important people in your life! There’s no better way to celebrate your unique bond by framing a special moment during the wedding, just for them. Add one of our Gift messages for another wonderful way to say thank you! We love this idea for parents or grandparents of the couple who often help so much.

Share Standout Memories

It’s all about the little moments, and as well as the big event photos from the ceremony and the official group shots, more informal shots that celebrate your relationship with your loved ones make for amazing gifts. Whether you shared laughs or a few emotional tears on that day, let them know it was a moment you want to remember forever in a beautiful frame.

Help Them Frame Their Memories

Is it your friend or family member’s turn to walk down the aisle or celebrate a milestone? Give them a special gift they’ll enjoy for years to come with one of our beautiful gift cards. Available in a wide variety of values to suit your budget, they’re the perfect way to let them frame the moments that are most precious to them

Give a gift that matters- upload that special photo and set it off with just the right frame. We’ll hand make it within 4 days and deliver it to your door or theirs!