Top Tips to Create Stylish Gallery Walls

Nothing makes a statement quite like a gallery wall! A thoughtfully chosen collection of framed pictures artfully displayed will give style and personality to your space, as well as giving you the opportunity to let you get creative! 

With a few guidelines in mind and a bit of planning, we’ll set your wall art project up for success. Here are some of our best tips to help you create your own fantastic gallery wall!

Plan Your Location & Layout in Advance

Featured Frame: Andover Champagne (Small)

There’s a lot to think about with a gallery wall, but a great starting point is looking at the space it will hang in. Above sofas and beds is a popular location, as well as hallways and stairways. Look at the wall space that’s available and allow plenty of room between pieces of wall art to let each piece breathe. Select the images you want to use at this stage, as this will inform how many pieces are at play in your arrangement. 

Once you have your images selected, look at them to decide on your composition. If they are all of equal importance, then they will look great displayed in frames of equal size. If there’s one or more standout pieces, let them be the larger focal points, with the other images as support. A great way to play with layouts without ruining your wall is to tack up some paper that matches the size of your wall art so you can accurately judge the arrangement and move elements around quickly and easily! 

Think about Theme

Featured Frame: New Orleans (Grey)

A good sense of consistency in your gallery wall will help you bring your images together to form one cohesive display. You might select the pictures themselves for their common theme, for example if there’s a striking colour present in of all the pictures, or the subject matter of the photography (Travel, Nature and Portraits are all great ideas for interesting subject matter), but another great way get consistency is to select a frame style that works well with all of them. 

Some themes are less obvious. For example, you can bring together quite an eclectic collection of pictures, as long as the overall feel of the arrangement is consistent. Ask yourself what mood you are trying to create in the space. The pictures you’d choose for a relaxing and calming interior would be very different from the pictures you’d choose for a vibrant and engaging focal point, so keeping that in mind will keep you on the right track!

Keep it Balanced

Featured Frame: Square Wenge

Some gallery walls look very freeform, but usually the most visually pleasing ones have still been designed with a few principles in mind to keep them from looking disjointed and disorganised. A great tip is to keep an equal distance between each picture (the outer edges of the frame) so that your layout is evenly spaced out on your wall. 

Planning your layout on a grid or on an axis is a great way to achieve balance. Symmetry is your friend: try mixing a few sizes to create interesting arrangements that feel varied but not messy- Pairs and trios of pictures of the same size work well for keeping order in a varied design. How you hang your pictures is important too: we string and hand knot our pictures usually, but if you’re planning a gallery wall, we will be pleased to prepare your frame with corner hanging fixtures to give each piece extra stability and keep your arrangement perfectly in place.

Know When to Mix and Match

Featured Frame: Simplicity (Assorted Colours)

A good gallery wall includes lots of variety and visual interest, enough to make you want to stand back and take in all the details! If your layout is strong and your pieces work well together, mixing and matching different elements to create one amazing display is a really fun experiment!

We offer different colourways in many of our frame families, so switching up frame colours is a great way to add a lot of variety without changing everything. Try our Simplicity range for warm earthy woodgrain effects, or our Confetti range to create a rainbow of colours! If you’re feeling even braver, you can mix and match frame styles. This might take a little longer to get right, but as long as the frames and images chosen suit your overall design goal, you’ll end up with an arrangement that’s truly engaging and unique.

Unite Your Images

Featured Frame: Nordic Box (Assorted Colours)

If the photos you’ve selected for your gallery wall don’t go together as well as you’d like, there are a few simple tricks to help improve the way they look together. If the colours clash, they can be easily changed to Black and White or Sepia in our Online Photo Designer to bring instant visual harmony and a sophisticated look. 

Our Online Photo Designer will also help you crop your photos to perfection, helping you get it just the way you want it. If you have a lot of photos that you’d like to display but not enough space for an extensive gallery wall, a smaller gallery of Multi Aperture framed pictures works brilliantly. We find this works especially well for displaying family photos without compromising on style.

A few quick tips

  • Don’t get your image size (the size of the image inside its frame) confused with the picture’s overall size! To see how much space your picture will take up, you’ll want the size of the outer frame, which you can find in the product summary once you’ve designed your picture on our website.
  • Measure everything and lay your pictures out flat to make sure you’re happy with the arrangement, and make sure that the space between each picture is not too small or wide.
  • Need advice or more information? We’re a Commended Framer and we are here to help! Just email us about your project and we’ll be pleased to assist.

Our Online Photo Designer lets you create pictures for your gallery wall quickly and easily, allowing you to choose just the right frame, size and aspect ratios for each piece. Visit our website to start your gallery wall project today!