Top Tips for Sunrise Photography

Framed picture of a sunrise in a wooden frame, hung in a modern living room above a brown leather sofa.

With the lighter mornings coming in, there’s no better time to grab your camera and capture all the amazing colours the sunrise has to offer! From dreamy pastel tones to riots of neon pinks and oranges, no two sunrises are ever the same. Here’s some tips that set your sunrise photos up for success!

Plan Your Shoot

Featured Frame: Art Maple

A bit of planning will always help you get the best results! Have your location picked in advance, mindful of where you are in relation to the rising sun in the East. Note any interesting landscape features or buildings that will catch the sun and long shadows found at this time of day. Setting up a tripod at your chosen spot will help keep your composition level and consistent, so you can focus on changing colours and light.

Capture Every Phase

Featured Frame: Studio Black

When the sun is close to the horizon, we can see just how quickly it moves across the skies! A good sunrise is an ever-changing spectacle of light and colour, so to get the most of it you won’t want to miss a thing. Settle in just before the sun is due to come up, and don’t be afraid to start shooting before the sun shows itself- these dreamy, blue tinged photos will be beautiful in their own right. Make sure you have plenty of memory space and battery life to shoot constantly through the sunrise, to capture the most beautiful colours and light effects.

Look at Light & Shadow

Featured Frame: Simplicity Grey

Sunrise photography is much more than pictures of the sun itself! At this time of day, the sun is at its lowest point in the sky, making objects cast long, dramatic shadows. As twilight gives way to morning, look at how shadows move across the landscape and change the mood of the view constantly. This stage of the morning is the landscape photographer’s secret weapon, and the warm light found at this time of day adds extra beauty to your shots.

Go Cloudwatching

Featured Frame: Coastal White (Small)

Clouds can be an important ingredient to your sunrise! Be mindful of the weather forecast when planning your shoot- too much cloud cover will drown out the sun, so avoid very cloudy days. Scattered clouds that allow the sun to shine through are ideal! Watch as they move across the landscape, taking on interesting shapes and becoming illuminated by the warm light behind them. Be quick though, sometimes the most beautiful effects can come and go in a blink of an eye!

Play with Silhouettes

Featured Frame: Profile 15 Myrtle Satinato (metal frame)

Give your sunrise a shot of drama with the power of silhouettes! Any non-reflective objects between you and the rising sun will stand out in shadow, so looking for a few interesting shapes really helps tell a story in your images. We love playing with silhouettes of trees, buildings, people and plant life for extra impact!

Featured Frame: Brushed Black

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