Top Tips for Rainy Day Photography

Wet, rainy days are in abundance right now, and while we know it’s probably not your favourite weather type, rain can actually be your best friend for creating jaw dropping photos!

There’s many types of rain, and many ways to use it to create phenomenal photography. Here are a few rainy day ideas to inspire and make you look forward to a bad weather forecast!

Fine Rain

Featured Frame: Aruba Black

If you’re new to photographing in the rain, misty, fine drizzle is a perfect place to start. Landscape photographers love how certain fine rains don’t read as rain on camera, but rather infuse the scene with an atmospheric hazy quality that can elevate the shot. Experiment with different shutter speeds to create different moods.

Wet Surfaces

Featured Frame: Brushed Grey

One of the most fun aspects of rainy day photography is how rain can transform a scene and change the feel of a location entirely. Wet conditions help light bounce off different types of surfaces and create interesting and dynamic effects that you can use to great effect in your photography. Look for locations that have interesting textures that you can feature: We love how the wet pier in this shot creates atmosphere!

Light & Reflections

Featured Frame: Profile 15 Ceonothus Satinato (Metal Frame)

Good light makes for good photography, and wet weather can really help create fantastic tonal contrast and inject dynamic colour into your shots! Choose areas with interesting lighting, such as city streets and shoot at night or twilight to take full advantage. There’s something hypnotically beautiful about a neon sign’s reflection in a puddle, and using vivid colour like this can create images that are the polar opposite of the grey dreariness we associate with rain.

Dynamic Skyscapes

Featured Frame: Standard Black

Rain and clouds go hand in hand, and they bring some of the most interesting skies to capture! One of the most common clouds that come with rain are Cumulonimbus clouds, which are dense, well defined, and often toweringly high, perfect for creating a dramatic picture. Being a quick shot pays off- rainy cloudscapes often move quickly across the sky, creating different shapes as they go. Skywatching can also bring welcome surprises such as rainbows, so be ready for the unexpected!

Focus on Raindrops

Featured Frame: Double White

Rain is a fascinating subject at any scale and can help create charming tiny worlds in your photography with macro shots. Individual raindrops shot at this scale look like beautiful glasslike globes, and their transparent nature means you can look for them everywhere and find them in a huge variety of settings. There’s something magical about finding beauty in overlooked places, so thinking outside the box can really pay off!

Featured Frame: Lincoln Black

Once you’ve got some fantastic shots, the next step is to frame them! It’s easy to upload your image and preview it with our huge selection of frames, mount styles, size and aspect ratio options. Head to our website now and get creative!