Top Tips for Photographing in Natural Light

With clocks going forward and the arrival of British Summer Time, we have more natural light to play with! Light is the essence of all photography, and here are some of our favourite ways to harness natural light’s unique qualities for amazing results!

Shoot During the Golden Hour

The magic hours right after dawn and before sunset are the best possible times of day for outdoor photography. Try it for landscapes, portraits, nature, city photography and much more, to give your shots an ethereal, golden tinged hue. It’s worth getting up early to get the spectacular results the Golden Hour is celebrated for!

Seek out interesting Light Effects

The study of light itself is a keystone of all visual media, and photography is no exception! On sunny days look at how light and shadow interplay, as well as how light bounces off objects to create ambient light that takes on the colour of the environment. The more you look, the more interesting things you will find to capture!

Embrace Overcast Days

Let’s face it: We can’t always count on sunshine! Luckily, you don’t need beautiful days to make beautiful photography happen. Overcast days can actually create a whole range of desirable shooting conditions, ranging from soft and muted to moody and atmospheric. It makes for flattering portraits too, as the diffuse light illuminates the face evenly.

Experiment with Directional Light

How your subject is lit will greatly affect the mood of your photo, and you can use all kinds of angles such as back lighting, front lighting and side lighting to produce interesting results. Always note the position of the sun in relation to where you’re shooting, and be prepared to reposition to get optimum lighting.

Create Shadow Effects

Shadow is just as important as light in your picture, so don’t try to eliminate it- work with it! From the dappled light you find filtering through trees, to the starkly blocked out light from windows, it’s the combination of light and dark that will make your picture pop and create a strong tonal presence. Don’t be afraid to experiment with some unconventional conditions!

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