Top Tips for Hanging Wall Art

At the Framed Picture Company, we want to make everything about framing your photos and artwork fun and hassle free, from the moment you upload your image, to when you finally stand back to admire your new masterpiece. The right hanging location can really make a huge difference to the impact your picture has, as well as the room it hangs in. Here are some handy tips to help you hang pictures to perfection!

Trial Your Hanging Location

It really helps to think about your picture and where you plan to hang it as early as you can in the process. This can save a lot of stress- not to mention holes in your walls! We offer a huge range of sizes to help you design something that’s right for your space, as well as a digital mock up showing your image hanging in a room. Measure and double check that the overall frame size (not to be confused with the image size) is a good fit for the hanging location. When you have your picture, offer it up to the wall and get a second opinion before you grab that hammer!

Strike a Balance with your Decor

Pictures work very well hung above items of furniture or focal points in your room. This can be anything such as mantlepieces, tables, sofas, beds or chairs. For the best results, always choose a piece, or collection of pieces that take up a little less space than the furniture below them- we like to follow the rule of thirds to attain balance. This will help to draw the eye upwards and avoid appearing top-heavy.

Choose the Right Height

The height at which you hang your images can make a huge difference to the overall balance of your room. When hanging above furniture, it’s a good idea to space them close enough so that they keep a connection with each other. We find 15-20cm works well as a space between the top of your furniture and the bottom of your frame, but don’t be afraid to experiment with different heights, as the height of the picture itself will be a big factor on the overall balance! If your picture doesn’t hang above furniture, hang the centre of the frame at eye level for the best results. If you have very high ceilings you can hang a little higher than eye level to work with the space.

Space Multiple Pictures 

Your pictures hang on your walls to be admired, and to shine in their own right, but when you hang pictures too far apart from each other, they lose cohesion and look like they’re floating in space! Try to keep them spaced about 5-10cm apart to create a grouping that feels connected but not cluttered or cramped together. Sometimes adding or subtracting a piece can create a far stronger arrangement, so try a few different things to get the best results. Whatever your spacing size is, keeping it consistent throughout your layout tends to look the best.

Keep Gallery Walls Looking Tidy

Even the most eclectic looking gallery wall needs a little organisation to look its best! The easiest way to achieve a tidy looking display is to keep consistency in certain areas. This can be in your frame choice, your colour scheme, and perhaps most importantly, your layout. Arrange pictures along a grid or an axis to make sure there’s an underlying order that will pull all the pieces together. Tacking up paper that is the same size as your pictures is a great way to get a mock layout that you can easily swap around before you start with the real pictures.

We make all of our wall art fully finished and ready to hang, so all you have to worry about is where to hang it! Upload your images on our website now, and create a piece completely tailored to you and your home!