Top Tips for Flower Photography

With Spring bringing colour to our world, it’s a great time to hone your photography skills! If you’re a budding photographer, photographing flowers is a great starting option that makes for some impressive results! Here are some tips to help you get the most from floral photography.

For Shooting Outdoors

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It’s a great time of year to find flowers starting to bloom! Look out for daffodils, hyacinths, camellias, bergenias and more for March, and know the times of year when your favourite flowers come into bloom. Some plants only have a very brief flowering period, so don’t miss out! Set up a tripod for outdoor shoots so it’ll be easier to shoot flowers swaying in the breeze. A manual shutter release will help you keep your subject in focus.

For Shooting Indoors

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Photographing indoors is a great option for beginners because you can control every aspect of your shoot! Arrange cut flowers on a table or in a vase, or focus on showcasing potted plants. A light set up will help, but if you don’t have one available, shoot near a window during the golden hour to make the most of natural light. Think about composition and staging- make sure there’s no unwanted clutter in the background, and use negative space and the rule of thirds to create visual impact.

Go Macro 

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The closer we look at flowers, the more fascinating they seem to be! Find a single bloom and focus on capturing its intricate beauty with a macro lens. A lens of this kind will magnify your image, and its shallow depth of field means it will focus on one small area, with the rest of the image receding into a beautiful haze. Be sure to choose the best bloom for macro shots, as any tiny flaw will be picked up at this range!

Make use of light

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Good light makes for great photos, and with flowers there’s so much you can do! For outdoor shoots, use the golden hour for more diffuse light to create interesting, long shadows and a flattering, warm tinged colour pallette. Experimenting with front, side and back lighting to create dramatically different results with the same subject will help you strike gold!

Play with your Point of View

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It’s natural to want to shoot straight ahead from eye level, but things can get a lot more interesting when you think outside the box! Get down to ground level to photograph flowers and reveal aspects of their form that you wouldn’t otherwise notice. Look skywards too, blossom on trees silhouetted against the sky is a powerful and beautiful image that makes for great wall art!

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Floral photos make great pieces for your home, and we’re here to help you frame those petals to perfection! Upload your best shots to our website, and choose from our huge range of options to design one incredible picture!