Top Tips for Event Photography

There’s no better way to keep memories of important events fresh in our minds than capturing the highlights in photo form! These can be anything from weddings, birthdays, Christening and naming ceremonies, to important public events, concerts or festivals. If you’ve got an event you want to remember coming up, here are a few simple things to keep in mind to make sure you capture the essence of the event for years to come!

Anticipate Standout Moments

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Planning for good event photography is key, and part of that is knowing the order of play so that when the day comes you have a framework to plan your shooting around. For example, at a formal event you need to be aware of how the day is scheduled, to work out when and where the key moments happen. It’s important to know the pace of the event too, so you’re not rushing and missing things.

Be Spontaneous

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While planning is important, the spirit of any event is captured in fleeting moments! Sometimes the most memorable things are ones that weren’t planned, and the ability to document them as they happen is what sets great event photography apart. Be aware of your surroundings so you’re always in the thick of the action.

Include Variety

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Striking a good balance in your photo set is essential to create an engaging story. Both formal and informal shots are important ingredients- too many formal shots will make the event seem static and boring, whereas too many informal ones may miss out on important groupings and portraits. Be sure to include some establishing shots of the venue or location, as well as any featured shots of decor, food or flowers. It’s the little details like these that add richness to your photo set. Shoot often to give yourself lots of options when picking your best shots.

Create a Rapport with Guests

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Photographs of people are always much better when they’re feeling relaxed and feel they are free to enjoy the event as intended, rather than having to stop what they were doing and pose for photos all the time!

Be mindful of when you should shoot formally and when you should go with the flow to get the best results. If possible, try to break the ice with a few people before the event starts so they will be relaxed in your presence. 

Prepare Your Kit

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Thinking about the order of events is very helpful when considering what needs to be part of your kit. For example, if there are going to be crowds, pack a wide angle lens to capture it to the fullest. If you have two cameras, consider taking both, with one set up for wide shots and one for portraits and other more close ranging shots, to avoid wasting time adjusting focal length and switching out lenses. Bring spare memory cards and batteries so that you’re completely covered even if the event goes on for longer than expected!

Whether you want a gallery wall arrangement to remember the day, a Multi Photo frame to showcase the highlights, or simply one beautifully framed standout shot, we’ll turn your photos into memories to keep forever! Upload your best photos to choose your frame, and we’ll do the rest!