Top Tips for City Photography

A city is a living thing, packed with fascinating features that make for evocative and atmospheric photos! Whether you want to capture your favourite aspects of a familiar and beloved town, or you’re discovering a new city through your camera lens, here’s some of our favourite tips to make your urban photography stand out!


Even if you think you know your city like the back of your hand, it’s important to be aware of some key things, like what position the sun is in relation to your shooting locations during the day. If you’re looking to shoot a cityscape, find high ground and scout out the best vantage points to set up from. A little prior knowledge will support everything you do and help you get the best results!

Set the Mood

City Photography is more than just shooting what you see- since there’s so many elements making up a city or town, deciding on what aspects you want to feature will help set a consistent tone for your shoot. For example, you might want to focus on modern buildings, stark lines and graffiti to create a moody feel, or try a more romantic look with classic architecture and use of charming side streets and green spaces. Use your creative vision to guide you!

Get off the Beaten Path

Every city has its famous sights and landmarks, and while they are absolutely worth shooting, avoid cliché by also seeking out some lesser known locations. Walk around the heart of the city to truly get to know it and shoot spontaneously for photos that feel fresh, authentic and totally unique to your point of view.

Embrace Crowds

There’s much more to a city than just its buildings- it’s the people who inhabit it that give the place its heart. Stay true to the city as much as possible, and capture some shots of bustling streets to give your photos a dynamic feel. Try setting up a tripod and using long exposure times to create an intentional blur effect for a moving crowd!

Get Closer

When thinking of city photography, everyone thinks of wide shots that capture skylines, and while those make for great shots, don’t overlook the smaller details. Look for interesting features in things like architecture, smaller streets and characteristic details like street lights. Shots like these often provide a more intimate feel for the city that you want to feature, so make sure to get a good mix!

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