Top Tips For Baby & Newborn Photography

When you’re welcoming a new addition into your family, you’ll want to capture every moment! A baby’s early life is full of amazing milestones and stages of development that make for wonderful mementos to look back on. Here are some useful tips to make the most of baby’s first photos!

Think about positioning and angles

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One of the challenges of baby photography is if your little one is too young to sit up, getting them in a comfy position that reads well on camera can be difficult! There are a few different things you can try. Lying your baby on their back or side and getting as close as you can to capture their portrait is a good approach, but might take a little patience, especially if they’re not asleep! Alternatively, having someone hold the baby will help provide more flexibility over the shoot, as well as being a comforting presence for your young model.

Photograph little details

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We all want to capture our child’s likeness at every stage of development, and as well as their face and head, other features deserve the same treatment! Showcasing tiny hands and feet is a great way to preserve precious memories of early days that you’ll look back on fondly. As newborns tend to be bundled up, we think giving hands and feet extra attention is always worthwhile!

Shoot frequently to capture important milestones 

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From the day they are born, babies grow and change every day! Sometimes this change can feel imperceptible, so it’s important to take lots of photos to make sure you’re not missing any precious moments. As baby learns how to focus their eyes, smile, laugh, sit up and crawl, the photos of them will evolve accordingly. Taking a lot of photos and going through them to find standout memories is a great approach.

Catch your baby’s moods

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Growing up is an incredible journey filled with ups and downs! Getting your little one in the perfect pose is good, but taking a more naturalistic approach to photographing them will make sure you capture some authentic memories. Engage them to bring out genuine reactions, and be ready to capture the unexpected. Sometimes the most precious moments are unplanned, so as well as your formal shots, capture life as it happens for interesting results.

Use props

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Props are always useful in photography, but when photographing babies they’re indispensable! Favourite toys and blankets will comfort and reassure baby. For added warmth, choose objects and surfaces with soft textures such as knits and fleece for a baby friendly environment that looks great in photos. Having their favourite toy with them is a great way to authentically capture their personalities at a young age. You can also keep a toy next to you to hold up and catch their attention.

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A few quick tips

  • If your baby has an established routine, this will help you predict when they’re likely to be feeling contented and in the mood for a photo shoot! Go with the flow.
  • Be patient and understanding of your baby, and prioritise their comfort and safety. Always be ready to stop the shoot if they need anything.
  • Have another adult on hand to help where possible.
  • Avoid lighting that’s too strong for your baby’s eyes- Natural, diffuse light is your friend!

Once you’ve got some adorable shots of your little one, the next step is framing them to enjoy for years to come. Upload your photos to our website, where you can transform them into stunning wall art that is sure to become a treasured keepsake!