The Big Picture: Discover our Large Format Prints

A room can be transformed with the right choice of wall hangings, and choosing pieces that are the right size is key to keeping everything in balance. 

If you’ve struggled to find the size you want, we’ve got it covered: While most printmakers stop at 40″ wide, our state of the art Canon Prograf printers go all the way up to 60″ in width, giving you more scope to create statement pieces that give impact, flair, and a luxurious feel to your space! Here’s some ways you can make large format photos and artwork stunning parts of your decor:

Create A Room With a View

With a large picture hanging pride of place, every room can have a fantastic view! An effective interior design trick to make smaller or darker rooms feel bigger and brighter is to hang a large framed print or artwork. The frame will act as a window, offering an expansive feel and creating the illusion of more light and space. Try it with landscapes, coastal photos or city skylines for breathtaking views in every room!

Make a Statement Wall

Large format photographs and art pieces add life and personality to rooms, and a well-chosen large print can enliven rooms that would otherwise feel flat and too uniform. Using striking imagery, bold colour schemes and shape language to complement or stand out against existing decor is a trick interior designers use to great effect! For a stunning selection of statement pieces we can print and frame at large sizes, browse our Art Section and get inspired.

Pictured: Tsuru, from Momoyo-gusa Vol II, pub.1909 by Kamisaka Sekka

Define Focal Points in the Room

Large pictures look fantastic in lots of different settings, but knowing where to hang them will definitely make a difference! Look for natural focal points in the room, as these can be elevated with the right choice of art. Adding large framed prints above large pieces of furniture, or areas in the room where people congregate adds a sense of luxury to the space. With our wide variety of frame options, matching your picture to key pieces of furniture in your room is simple, creating a look that’s pulled together, cohesive and tailored to the rest of the home. 

Sized to Suit your Space

No matter what size of space you’re working with, we’re here to help! Nothing we make is mass produced, so instead of trying to make your room work with some limited frame options, you can quickly and easily design something that’s the right size for your wall, ensuring a perfect balance every time. Not only are our large format prints available in a variety of sizes and aspect ratios, you can preview how your design looks in a room, hanging above a sofa to scale. It’s easy, quick and the results are breathtaking!

Big Pictures, Little Details

It’s the fine details that set professional framing apart, and like everything we make, our Large Format pictures are all hand made, from the moulding to the finishing that will protect your image for years to come. We use state of the art printing techniques to preserve the details in your photos and artwork faithfully, and ship each piece carefully and safely via our trusted couriers. Every one of our pictures is shipped ready to hang, and with appropriate fixings included, helping you get it from box to wall easily.

Expand your Brand

Image is everything when it comes to your business, so be sure to make a big impact! We have helped businesses of all sizes create on-brand wall art for interior fits, offices, retail spaces, restaurants and cafes. Create a big, bold statement and match company colours and aesthetics via our Online Picture Designer, or for those larger orders, find out more about our B2B services.

Expand your horizons- visit our website to upload your images and preview how they look in large format frames quickly and easily!