Your Favourite Summer Memories Framed

The summer may not last, but a picture to remember it by definitely will! With autumn around the corner, we could all use a splash of sunshine on the walls to remember those carefree days. Here’s some of our favourite ways to get those precious summer moments off our devices and into your memories to stay! Gallery Wall… Continue reading Your Favourite Summer Memories Framed

Wake up Your Walls

Your interiors can have a substantial effect on your mood, especially during the darker months. Luckily there’s an easy way to pep them up and keep them looking fresh- Walls that are looking tired or drab can be transformed from uninspiring to uplifting just by adding some beautiful wall art! Looking at a framed picture… Continue reading Wake up Your Walls

Top Tips to Create Stylish Gallery Walls

Nothing makes a statement quite like a gallery wall! A thoughtfully chosen collection of framed pictures artfully displayed will give style and personality to your space, as well as giving you the opportunity to let you get creative!  With a few guidelines in mind and a bit of planning, we’ll set your wall art project… Continue reading Top Tips to Create Stylish Gallery Walls

5 Easy Gallery Wall Ideas

Love the look of a gallery wall and would love one of your own, but don’t know how to get started? Here are some of our favourite ideas to help you get inspired! These layouts are versatile and will look great in a variety of places and frame styles, making it easy for you to… Continue reading 5 Easy Gallery Wall Ideas