School’s Out! Frame Favourite Moments from the Year

School’s out for summer! Every school year marks another milestone in life, with landmark events and achievements that will be remembered by the whole family. Celebrate wrapping up a school year by honouring the highlights with a custom made frame. Here are some our our favourite ideas to get you started!

Sports Day

Capture all the fun of this iconic end of term day with some of your favourite moments! Fun for kids and adults alike, there are so many fun races and events going on that it’s hard to pick one- so why not showcase the lot in one of our Multi Photo Frames? Any prizes that are won definitely deserve pride of place on those walls too!

The Last Day of Term

All the hard work is done, a sense of excitement is in the air, and a whole beautiful summer lies ahead- nothing beats that feeling of the last day of school! Capture some of that magic energy with a few spontaneous shots, making sure to include a few best friends in frame. Looking back on pictures like this in the years to come is a sure-fire way to make all those wonderful memories come flooding back!

Awards & Achievements

The end of the school year is awards time, where many schools recognise individual achievements, for academic, athletic and extracurricular pursuits alike! Framing one of these is a wonderful way to recognise individual talents and passions, remembering those moments that made you so proud. If your child is part of a sports team, choir, orchestra or club, a picture of them with a commemorative text box is a must!


The culmination of years of hard work and a transition into a new chapter of life- graduation ceremonies make irreplaceable memories. Remember it your way, either with a formal shot of the graduating class, or a more spontaneous shot, either solo or with a few close friends who are celebrating the achievement together. We also frame diplomas and certificates, contact us to find out more!

One Year in One Frame

We tend to have very clear memories of our school years, even when our adult years seem to be a blur! That’s why we love the idea of using our Multi Photo Frame layouts to create an overview of the whole year, with all of it’s most important events represented. With a choice of layout styles that allow you to showcase up to 11 photos, it’s amazing just how much you can get in one frame! 

Wrap up the school year your way- Our Online Photo Designer makes it so easy to upload your favourite shots and create the perfect picture with your choice or frame, aspect ratio, size and mount! Visit our website now to get started!