Photographers, The Wedding Season is Here, Are You Ready?

The Wedding Season is here! Photographers, are you ready?

Successful Wedding photograph is in part creative flair, but it is also about good preparation.

Have you discussed your plans in detail with the happy couple? Have you scouted the Wedding venue and worked out where you are going to take all the key shots?
Have you got the group shots (hopefully not too many) all worked out?
Is all your equipment prepped and ready to go? Do you have back up equipment? Have you got sufficient memory cards?
On the big day its useful to have a checklist. We have given some thought to the key photographs. Here they are…


The Bride

1. The dress
2. Details – flowers, shoes, tiara, champagne, cards etc.
3. What’s going on?
4. Bride getting ready
5. Bride full length at home
6. Bride three-quarter length
7. Bride close-up
8. Bride and bridesmaids
9. Formals
10. Father of the bride – first sight of bride
11. Bride and parents
12. Relaxed and fun
13. Back of the dress

Arriving at the Church

1. Arriving – general scene setting
2. Groom
3. Groom and best man
4. Groom, best man and ushers
5. Location detail – the church etc
6. Guests arriving
7. Bridesmaids arriving
8. Bridesmaids + mother
9. Bride and father in car
10. Bride arriving

The Ceremony

1. The ceremony
2. Signing the register
3. Walking down the isle
4. Bride & groom full length in door of church
5. Bride & groom three quarter length in door of church
6. Bride and groom kiss in door of church
7. Confetti
8. Bride & groom in car

Formal Shots

1. Bride & groom and parents
2. Bride & groom and wedding party
3. Bride & groom, best man, ushers
4. Bride & groom and bridesmaids
5. Bride & groom and special family members


1. Bride & groom full length
2. Bride & groom three quarter length
3. Bride & groom close up
4. Bride full length
5. Bride three quarter length
6. Bride & groom ‘creative’


1. Candid shots of guests
2. Everyone
3. Bride and bridesmaids
4. Reception venue
5. Cake cutting
6. Speeches
7. First Dance