Our Favourite Ways to Capture Summer Moments

Summer doesn’t last forever, but with a few good photos to remember it by, you can capture the spirit of the season! Luckily, the conditions this time of year are perfect for photographers: Long days, great natural light, and strong golden hours are all powerful tools to help you get the best results from your photography. Here’s some ideas to help you get inspired and capture a little of the season to remember when the nights draw in!

Family Fun

Featured Frame: Square Maple

Whatever activities you have planned with your family this summer, there’s an opportunity to take some outstanding photos. Avoid harsh, direct sunlight when shooting and instead look for times of the day when the light is softer. Action shots of the family at play are great, but don’t forget to take advantage of the fun and relaxed atmosphere and flattering soft summer light for some informal portraits that are full of character. When shooting close up, try to keep some summer elements present: A hint of water, an inflatable and a t shirt all set the tone in this vibrant summer portrait.


Featured Frame: New Orleans Black

Getting away from it all is always rewarding! Pack your photography gear and head off the beaten track to discover some unmissable photo opportunities. Hike to high ground to find the best vistas for landscape photography, and if in a wooded area, study how the light filters though the trees for an evocative shot. Observe how your environment changes throughout the day, and get an early start to take full advantage. Don’t forget the power of the night sky: away from light pollution, the stars will dazzle! Capturing their unique beauty with night time photography is a challenge that is well worth trying.


Featured Frame: Distressed Deep White

Nature is all around us, and there are many unique sights to document at this time of year. If you’re in an urban area, we recommend spending a few hours in a park or even your garden to get inspired. Plant and flower photography is a great jumping off point, so look for interesting plants and try to capture their intricate beauty with some macro shots. Staying ready will mean you’re able to capture fleeting, magical moments such as butterflies and bees alighting on flowers, as well as making sure you have the best chances of spotting elusive wildlife! Patience is key with nature photography, and it really pays off if you dedicate the time to it.


Featured Frame: Manor White

Idyllic rural scenes are a classic subject for wall art, and harvest time provides a unique opportunity in the year to photograph country life. If you live in a rural location or are there on a trip, wander the fields to see the harvest in action. Fields of wheat and other grains make for great photography, as do harvested bales of hay. For more close range photography, harvested fruits and vegetables provide a great way to study texture and colour, creating a warm and inviting palette that sums up this time of year. If you watch the skies, you can also photograph the majesty of the Harvest Moon, due to rise on September the 10th.


Featured Frame: Nordic Light Walnut (Flat)

Seascape photography is another classical subject that makes for powerful images, and our coasts reflect the seasons just as much as the countryside does! Walk the coastal path and study the coastline to identify strong compositions, looking out for distinctive cliffs, bays and headlands. Dawn, dusk and the golden hours are ideal for taking advantage of long shadows, picking out interesting details in rock formations and creating interesting reflections in the water. As well as sweeping vistas, try to capture smaller details such as pebbles, shells and the texture of sand. Getting close to the shore and shooting from a low angle will help you capture these details while also providing a wider shot out to sea.

Once you’ve taken your best shots, turn them into memories to last a lifetime! You’ll find the ideal frame to complement to your photo within our carefully selected range, and once you’ve perfected your wall art with our Online Photo Designer, we hand make it and ship it to your door as per your specifications.

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