Our Favourite things to Frame Right Now!

Inspiration is all around us, and we can tell our customers are inspired from the fantastic photos that we’re framing right now! It’s the perfect time to grab your camera and make the most of the season, featuring your best shots in a beautiful, hand crafted frame. Here’s some of our favourite frame-worthy moments that we’re loving right now!

Back to School

Have you framed your start of term photos yet? School days make some of the most vivid memories, and they deserve to be remembered in style. From your little one’s first day to the final year before graduation, you can set just the right tone with our huge range of framing options. We’ll even help you find frame or mount matches for school colours! 

Changing Seasons

This time of year is so special, as the seasons are changing rapidly- You’ll be amazed at how the same location can change one weekend to the next! It’s a perfect time to observe the hidden beauty that’s all around and bring it out with your photography skills. Looking at things with a photographer’s eye will help get inspiration going and make for some amazing shots!

Golden Light

Summer was a bit hit and miss, but lucky us, there’s a few sunny days and warm weather left to enjoy. It’s perfect for taking advantage of the Golden Hours- take photos during the first house of sunlight and the hour before sunset to create some gold-tinted photo magic. It’s the absolute best time of day for photography, read our guide on how to make the most of it!

Wildlife Photography

This is one of the best times of year to capture some amazing wildlife photos, as many animals are already busying themselves getting ready for winter. Research local areas for the best locations and times to spot the wildlife you’re interested in seeing. Being patient (and a little lucky) pays off to get that one-in-a-million shot!

Get Closer

If you want to connect with nature without the challenges of wildlife photography, getting low and zooming in can be the answer! Fascinating tiny worlds are all around us, and taking the time to capture them with our cameras is incredibly rewarding. We love taking nature walks and photographing seasonal things like toadstools, conkers and autumnal flowers at this time of year.

Whatever’s inspiring you right now, we have the perfect frame! Upload your best shots and design your masterpiece quickly and easily using our Online Photo Designer. You’ll be able to preview it accurately before we hand make it to order!