Our Favourite Frames for Holiday Photos

The photos we take on our summer holidays capture some of our happiest memories, and we think they deserve a place on our walls all year round! We’ve selected some frames in our range that will frame your holiday photos to perfection.

Art Walnut

Part of our Art range of wood finish frames, Art Walnut has a subtly warm undertone that is perfect for emphasising colours in photographs. Sunsets and sunrises will look amazing with this frame, but try it on more muted images and watch how it works with the colours to create one fantastic piece of wall art! We think the pinks and blues in this image really come out thanks to the frame choice.

Rounded Scoop Cream

From our Rounded Scoop frame range, Rounded Scoop Cream has a classic profile with a slightly distressed finish. It’s a romantic frame, making it perfect for framing the moments you want to cherish. We love how it works with lighter images, complimenting the more subtle colours and keeping the overall feeling warm and inviting rather than washed out.

Brushed Grey

Our Brushed frames got their name because they are carefully wire brushed after painting to bring out the wood grain. This beautiful texture reminds us of driftwood, making it ideal for beach scenes. Available in black and grey, we love how the Grey version in this frame compliments the colour of the sand and makes the blue in the photo really pop!

Coastal White (Small)

True to it’s name, Coastal White is an ideal choice for images that are, well, coastal! From beach to boardwalk to the ocean itself, Coastal White’s clean profile and bright white finish keep your images looking fresh and vibrant. It’s also a great choice for action shots. We think it works wonderfully with this surf picture, letting the shades of blue and white present in the water take centre stage.

Confetti Yellow

Who doesn’t want a splash of sunshine on their walls? For a frame that celebrates colour, look no further than our Confetti range! We’ve got the whole rainbow covered with this incredible range, but we chose Confetti Yellow for this image. We love how it creates a strong colour scheme instantly by picking out the yellow tones present in the dog’s fur and the netting, and providing a striking contrast for the turquoise net, sea and sky. Try it yourself with your own photos!

No matter what your ideal summer looks like, we have the right frame to help you remember it forever! Upload your photos to our website and start designing to create your very own hand made piece of wonderful wall art!