Level up your Décor with 5 Hot Frame Styles

A framed picture is so much more than an image on a wall! The choice of frame to go with it can highlight and enhance the piece, striking that perfect balance as both a decorative element in your home and a work of art. When done right, it’s one of the most effective parts of your décor!

Go beyond the basics with a stylish frame choice that will elevate your images and complement your home perfectly. Here’s some of our favourites that have a timeless feel as well as fitting in with popular interior design styles!


When you want a frame that adds impact and interest, Amberley is a great pick! Its subtle stained finish, luxurious accents and graceful scoop profile all work together to draw the eye into the image, bringing little details out without pulling focus away from the beauty of the picture. Available in four versatile colourways, it’s a great choice for creating wall art with a luxury feel.


A true classic, our Fino range of frames are a perfect place to start if you’re looking for something special. Using classic lines, premium materials and the combination of black and metallic finishes, this is a style that is perfect for framing things you hope to pass down. Weddings, family portraits and important milestones in life are all given extra gravitas by this timeless frame collection. Be sure to explore all the different styles within the range to find the right width and finish for your picture!


Beautiful things are made with beautiful materials, and our Nordic frame is the perfect example! The quality finish of this popular frame range speaks for itself. We love how the open woodgrain subtly enhances texture in images, lending itself well to photography and art alike. Available in a palette of Scandi-inspired woods, it’s easy to fit in with either warm or cool colour schemes. It’s our pick of the bunch for great looking family photos too!

New Orleans

Our New Orleans frame may be slimline but it delivers on so much! We love this frame family for its refined yet cheerful colour palette, its distressed finish that can be styled as everything from arty to rustic, and its bevelled edge that adds extra dimension to your walls. If you normally go for a plain, slim, black frame, try this frame instead and see what a difference it makes! We love the look of all the frame colours together too, perfect for a quirky yet cohesive gallery wall.


When it comes to first-class picture finishing, Luxe really lives up to its name! Inspired by gallery framing treatments, this is a wonderful choice to add some artistic flair to images. Available in a wide selection of variations, try a Black frame with a pop of Metallic like Luxe Monti Black/Gold, or frame something worthy of the Old Masters with an opulent style like Luxe Trevi Gold! This range has so much choice in it that we recommend browsing to find the perfect match.

See what a difference the right frame choice can make to your photos!

Preview your image with multiple frames quickly and easily using our Online Photo Designer, and create something perfectly tailored to you and your home!