It’s a Match! 5 Versatile Frames to Try

Nothing uplifts and complements a great picture more than a great frame! We’re proud of our huge selection of frame moulding, available in a wide variety of colours, finishes and styles, but we know sometimes you want a surefire winner that will look great with your photo and fit right into wherever you want to hang it. Here are some of our favourite easy-matchers that look great when combined with images of all kinds! 


Our range of Lincoln frames is a firm customer favourite, and for good reason too! It’s an impactful frame that will stand out on your walls in all the right ways, its stepped profile drawing the eye into the image it holds. It combines classic design sensibilities of traditional frame styles with clean, modern lines that give it the best of both worlds. Its range of classic neutral shades look great with just about anything, making it a frame that’s reliable but never boring!


This beautiful family of frames is the perfect balance of statement and versatility! Portobello is a slim frame with a painterly look and distressed woodgrain finish that subtly adds texture and interest to your photos. It’s available in Black, Bright Green, Ivory, Ocean Blue, Petrol Blue and Powder Blue for a sophisticated, on-trend selection of colours that look great by themselves or combined for a stylish multi-coloured gallery wall!


Elegant and with a luxury feel, our Provence frame features a graceful scoop profile and a rich texture, giving presence to a room. We love to pair it with portraits, wedding photos and landscapes to create one breathtaking piece! Available in Black/Silver, Gold, Silver and White/Silver it’s a tasteful choice that will stand the test of time. The rich colours of our mount range pair beautifully with these frames, so consider more than just white when designing your picture!


When you want your image to pop, try a little Pop Art style with Confetti! Available in a rainbow of colours, as well as Black and White, it’s a great choice for both photography and art. Try colour matching to a stand-out colour in your image, or contrast it by choosing a colour on the opposite end of the colour wheel. We love playing around with the two width options too, to strike just the right balance! It’s easy to match existing colours in your decor too!


Create a cosy, country feel with our Burlington frame! Available in Cream, Light Brown and Pale Grey, its soft colours, slightly distressed finish and graceful scoop profile combine to create a soft, romantic ambience. It’s a great choice for framing pictures of loved ones, pets and floral photography, and it’s a wonderful way to make your space feel homely and welcoming.

You bring the image, we’ll bring the framing expertise! With our Online Photo Designer, it’s quick and easy to accurately preview how your photos and artwork will look with these wonderfully versatile frames, as well as the rest of our range.

Just upload your picture and find your perfect match now!