How to Take Great Family Photos

Family photos are more than just snapshots- they’re part of your own personal history! Sometimes it feels that life is going by fast, so making the time to capture some precious moments along the way is important. Here are some ways to help you shoot memorable and priceless photos that you’ll be proud to look back on!

Choose The Right Time for Formal Shots

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We all want that perfect image of the whole family, but getting them all together is sometimes easier said than done! If the family is together for an event, try to shoot early on to avoid little ones getting tired or bored. Try to make everyone feel included and inject a sense of fun into the proceedings. Shooting early before the event is underway also means you don’t have to stop any of the fun to take formal shots!

Capture Authentic Moments

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Sometimes the everyday moments are the ones we feel the most nostalgic for, so try to capture a few along the way. Don’t worry about making everything perfect for these, the charm is all in their spontaneous, unplanned nature! Moments of laughter, children at play and daily activities all make for great images with a lot of heart behind them.

Use Props and Staging

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A good family photo should never look sterile or boring! When setting the scene for your photo, a few props will help you create a fun DIY set up to rival any photography studio. Even something as plain as a brick wall as a background will add a little texture to your backdrop without too much visual clutter. Letting kids hold their favourite toy will minimise fidgeting and also spark happy memories for years to come.

Have a Variety of Groupings

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A shot of the whole family is great, but don’t miss out on other portraits of fewer family members! Mix it up by taking shots of different family groupings- how about all the generations together, brothers and sisters, children and grandparents… There are so many ways to explore unique relationships, so try to get a good balance going.

Tell a Photo Story

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One image is great, but a series of photos can create an engaging photo story and make for more complete memories! If you can’t decide between shots, that’s where our Multi Photo picture layouts come in, to help you get your favourite moments in one great frame. With layouts ranging from 3 pictures to 11, we have the perfect style to suit your story.

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