How to Pick the Perfect Frame

A frame does a lot more than protect a picture! The right frame can give your photography and artwork the presence it deserves in a room, and works in harmony with the image to create one outstanding piece. If our huge range of framing options has left you wondering where to start, here are some tips to make a great choice, every time!

Study the Picture

Featured Frame: Andover Black (Large)

The start of our creative framing process is always the same: We look at the picture in detail, noting the subject matter and mood, thinking about what moulding and mount options would be appropriate. This will help narrow down whether you want a traditional framing treatment, or something more modern. We offer multiple options to help create just the right aesthetic!

Create a Colour Story

Featured Frame: Confetti Green

Choosing a colour of frame moulding to either match or complement your framing choice is a great way to make your image pop! If your image is full of natural tones and textures, consider a wooden frame with an open grain to complement it. If there’s a statement colour, we make colour matching with moulding easy with our rainbow of Confetti Frames. We’re always on hand to help you with custom colours for special projects, email us to find out more!

Don’t Overlook the Mount

Featured Frame: Simplicity Grey

Mounts provide a barrier between your photo and the glazing, but they also serve an important aesthetic purpose: They create space around the image and create a sense of subtle depth to draw the eye into the scene. With two widths of mounts, single and double mount styles, and a beautiful range of colours to choose from, your mount choice is just as important as the frame moulding, so try out a few styles to get the best results!

Strike a Balance

Featured Frame: Coastal White (small)

A frame’s role is to complement the picture, but never pull focus away from it. It’s important to take the size of the piece into account, and choose a moulding and mount that suits it. For example, very wide picture moulding would be just right for a large statement piece, but would look too heavy on a smaller picture. Luckily, we offer many of our popular frames in different widths to help you balance things perfectly.

When in Doubt, Experiment!

We’ve created our Online Picture Designer to help you preview your framed picture accurately, so swapping frames and mounts is easy and fun! Try your photos previewed against a variety of styles and colours for some quick and easy inspiration. Experimentation often leads to some genius moments that wouldn’t have otherwise happened, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Featured Frame: Distressed Deep White

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