How to Display Family Photos

A stylish multi photo framed picture of a family in a white living room

Our homes are where we can create a space completely tailored to our lives, so displaying pictures of family and other loved ones is a great way to create a personal feel and keep our most precious memories close. Here are some of our favourite ways to make family photos a stylish part of your decor!

Living Areas

Featured Frame: Art Maple

The areas we spend the most time in need to feel comfortable and welcoming, so adding a few family photos here is always a great idea! Try above a sofa or a mantlepiece to give your favourite shots pride of place. If you prefer a more subtle family feel, smaller family photos work really well above console tables or as desk frames.

Gallery Walls

Featured Frame: Hampton Black

Nothing livens up large expanses of bare walls like a gallery arrangement! The beauty of gallery walls is they can be tailored entirely to you and your space. Choose a mix of frames and colours for an eclectic, quirky, treatment, or keep it uniform for an elegant and organised look. You can even get the family involved where everyone can pick their favourite picture to add to the family gallery!

Transitional Spaces

Featured Frame: Square Wenge

We often overlook transitional areas like hallways and staircases when it comes to interiors, but a few pieces in these areas can work wonders, and be appreciated by everyone! The addition of family photos in entryways can be a comforting sight to come home to, and staircases and halls allow you space to play with larger pieces.

Dining Areas

Featured Frame: Square Oak

Coming together for a meal is an important way to feel a sense of togetherness, so we love adding family photos in dining areas. Choose pictures that promote happy memories for these spaces, they’ll be great conversation starters for anyone coming to dinner!

Multi-Photo Frames

Featured Frame: Lincoln Ivory

When you have a lot of photos you’d like to display, but limited space, a Multi Photo frame is the perfect showcase! Get up to 11 shots in one beautiful hand made frame with our wide selection of layouts. No matter how large or small your family is, we have the perfect layout for you.

Turning your memories into masterpieces is easy! Upload your photos to our website and choose your favourite frame styles, and we’ll turn them into a hand made work of art, shipped right to your door!