How to Choose the Right Aspect Ratio

Instead of trying to fit your photo into a pre made frame, designing your framed picture around the image is the way to go when it comes to creating stunning statement wall art! That’s why we offer a range of aspect ratios along with a huge choice of size options so you can create something that’s perfect for you and your space. Our Online Photo Designer will automatically detect the aspect ratio of your photo for you, but you can change it around for best results!

Here’s our guide to aspect ratios and how best to use them to give your images maximum impact:


We’ve talked about the power of the rule of thirds before, for good reason! This proportion is especially pleasing to our eyes and is the closest aspect ratio to the Golden Ratio. You’ll find a lot of paintings and artwork that use this aspect ratio to give the images a sense of balance, making it a reliable choice for any kind of photo you want to use. Use our Shape and Crop tools to position the focal point about a third of the way across the image for maximum results.


This aspect ratio was the original choice for standard screen size and photography and is still highly valued today! Whether you use it as Portrait or Landscape, it’s a brilliant choice for framing all kinds of scenes, and is known for its flattering ability to frame faces. We think it’s particularly effective when framing Portraits, Pet Photography and Macro shots.


Twice as wide as it is tall (or vice versa!), a 2.1 aspect ratio brings a sense of scale and drama to your images. Use it in Landscape mode to create a sweeping vista, or in Portrait mode to create an elegant sense of height. This is a great aspect ratio to use as a statement piece, we love it for images that take pride of place over focal points like mantle pieces or sofas.

4.1 (Panoramic)

Show off your best landscapes with a jaw dropping 4.1 aspect ratio! This is our Panoramic view, perfect for getting your panoramic shots off your phone and onto your walls. This a great choice for showcasing a favourite place or a majestic nature scene, to ensure the maximum amount of the landscape is within frame. Try it with mountain ranges, coastal shots, city photography and seascapes!

1.1 (Square)

Perfect for images with one strong focal point, you can use a Square in so many ways! The square allows you to crop out any unwanted areas of your photo to create a stronger and more compact image. Try it at a smaller size for a cute polaroid inspired feel or a heartfelt gift. We love it at large sizes too, for a big impact piece that’s sure to attract attention!

A Sizes

The standard paper size in many parts of the world, A sizes such as A3 and A4 are a handy option that’s still well balanced either in portrait or landscape. Often used for framing certificates and diplomas, you can also use it to frame your favourite poems, sayings or song lyrics. Scanning old photos to give them new life as framed photos is also a great idea that works with this aspect ratio!

Our Online Photo Designer gives you the power to get your photos just the way you want them before we frame. Visit our website to try it yourself, and make some magic!