How to Choose Pictures for your Home

Our homes should be our happy places, providing comfort and inspiration every day, and reflecting who we are! There’s nothing as effective as hanging pictures and artwork to bring character and interest into your spaces. Here’s some tips to help you introduce some fantastic wall art into your room!

Give Pictures Priority

If you’re giving a room a makeover, don’t treat your wall art as an afterthought! It’s there to be looked at and admired, so will be a natural focal point in the finished room. Work out your key hanging locations for larger pieces (for example, above a mantlepiece or sofa) and make your frame choices early in the process to get the best results.

Be Authentic

Always choose pictures that resonate with you as a person- if you don’t connect with it, it has no reason to be on your walls! Good choices can be anything from family photos, a favourite place you’ve been to, art you fell in love with, or something that celebrates your passion in life. This will instantly make your choices much more interesting, to you and anyone who visits!

Tailor to your Space

Balance is key in any type of design, so when you pick your hanging locations, it’s important to make sure your artwork is not too large or too small. Consider incorporating lots of small photos into an engaging gallery wall arrangement, or designing a piece for a certain location. Luckily, our Online Photo Designer offers a huge choice of sizes, and previews your picture hung in a room to help get it right.

Use Pictures to Set the Mood

Each room in your home has its own purpose, and the artwork should reflect that. Think about how you’d like to feel as you inhabit these spaces. Pictures featuring soft colour schemes and peaceful subject matter are great for places like bedrooms to promote a tranquil mood. Use more lively, vibrant pictures in places like home offices to kickstart inspiration!

Consider the Light

Where you hang your pictures will greatly affect their longevity, as well as their quality. Never hang pictures in the path of strong natural light, as this is damaging to all artwork. If you’re hanging in a dark area, a portrait light installed over the piece is a great solution. We use the best fade resistant inks and appropriate glazing methods on all our pictures to safeguard pictures against fading over time.

Our huge range of framing options and design tools are everything you need to create the perfect pieces for your home! 

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