How to Choose a Photography Style for Your Wedding

The wedding season is in full swing, and if you’re planning your big day, it’s a great idea to plan your photographs alongside the dress, cake and venue! Knowing what effect you want your wedding photos to have will help you every step of the way, from choosing a wedding photographer that fits your vision, to eventually framing and displaying those priceless shots on your walls. Here’s our guide on a few popular styles to give your wedding photography some flair!


If you’re dreaming of the traditional white wedding, a traditional approach to the photographs is a natural fit! These are straightforward formal shots that incorporate the wedding party and stick to conservative angles and subject matter. This approach has a long history due to its reliable results and timeless nature. Whatever style your wedding is, you may want to consider at least a few shots like this.

Black and White

More and more couples are choosing to go for Black and White photography thanks to its stylish and unique look. As well as being timeless and adding an artistic flair, black and white photos have a unifying quality, coming together beautifully in gallery wall displays. Black and White photos are always best when shot in black and white rather than edited, so discuss options with your wedding photographer for the best results.


With all the visual impact of a black and white photo, but with no loss of colour, a Dramatic style is a great way to create a wedding photoshoot that makes a huge statement. This is a perfect choice if you want to go for something more artistic than the norm. When this style is working at its best, it can even put you in mind of an oil painting through its clever use of contrasting light and shadow. It’s perfect for creating something out of the ordinary that still feels classic!


The rise of the boho wedding is easy to understand! Its slightly more relaxed style exudes effortless beauty, with an emphasis on being natural and unrestricted. You can carry this theme through in your photoset by incorporating natural elements such as the flowers, and arranging a landscape photoshoot designed to create atmosphere. This style works really well if you want to feature the beauty of your venue, as well as showcase a destination wedding!


This style of photography focuses on unposed, spontaneous moments captured as the wedding unfolds in real time. This is a fantastic choice for getting those priceless first reactions, as well as authentic moments you just can’t plan for! This particular style of photography can turn up some really emotional pictures that you wouldn’t otherwise have had if you focus solely on planned photos, so it’s definitely a valuable style to incorporate.

Some quick tips:

Try to sum up the vibe of your wedding in a few words so your photographer can understand and plan for a photo style that fits in.

Save a folder or create a mood board full of inspirational images for your wedding to inspire and share with your photographer. We love Pinterest for this!

Mix and match: Its a good idea to have a mix of formal and candid shots in your wedding shoot to give you a complete record of the day, so try to incorporate a good balance.

Knowing what you don’t want as well as what you want will help your photographer really zone in on the shots that will be important to you, so good communication is key!

No matter what your dream wedding looks like, we have the perfect frame! Upload your best shots now and create a priceless piece of wedding wall art!