Get Creative with Multi Photo Gift Ideas!

Whether you’re telling a story, want to unite a series of images, or you simply can’t decide between your favourite pictures, a Multi Aperture Photo frame is the perfect solution to get your gift together in one fantastic frame. Here is our pick of our wide range of multi photo layouts, which you can use with any frame and mount style!

A Perfect Pinwheel

Featured Frame: Nordic Box Oak

Our Pinwheel design is the perfect way to unify pictures of different orientations! The layout guides the eye around 4 pictures, making sure each receives equal attention. We love how it brings balance and harmony to photographs with its clever use of space.

A Trio to Treasure

Featured Frame: Simplicity White

Three is a magic number, and that’s why we have a selection of Three Picture layouts to choose from. We love trios because they allow us a lot of scope and creativity while still remaining simple and compact. They’re great for less formal family photos, as you can get the whole family in the same frame without having to pose together!

A Quality Quartet

Featured Frame: Confetti Red

Pull your story neatly together with a Four Picture layout! We love our Quartet layout for so many things: Family members, events, holidays, Christmas photos, pets- the sky’s the limit! This is a great choice for pictures of the same orientation, such as Landscape or Portrait.

An Insta Style Edit

Featured Frame: Double Black

If you love the look of a well-curated Insta feed, our grid arrangement is the perfect way to get the look! We love how creative this Polaroid style arrangement allows you to be. Choose nine pictures to create a sweet and stylish gift, it’s perfect for reminding your friends of the best snapshots from the year or creating a mood and aesthetic!

An Epic Eleven Part Story

Featured Frame: Lincoln Ivory

Go big with our biggest layout! This Eleven Aperture design is great for remembering events. Choose a standout photo to be your largest image and then use the other apertures for supporting pictures to tell a wonderfully complete narrative. At any size, this layout has a lot of wow factor, perfect for that extra special gift!

Featured Frame: Nordic

All of these layouts are available in different sizes to help you get everything just the way you want it.

Head to our website to upload your photos and find even more amazing Multi Photo layouts to create perfect gifts with!