Five on-Trend Frames for 2023

One of the best ways to greet the new year and beat the January blues is to freshen up your living space. Luckily switching up your wall art is one of the easiest and effective ways to keep your home feeling current without a major overhaul!

Here’s some of the hottest trends, with frames to go with them, that will give your interiors a fresh new look for 2023!

Pantone’s Colour of the year- Viva Magenta 

Colour can do so much to set a mood and express emotion, and colour tastemaker Pantone’s annually chosen hue is always hotly anticipated! 2023’s signature colour is Viva Magenta 18-1750, a vivacious pink that brings complexity with warm overtones and cool undertones. If you’re thinking pink this year, our Confetti Fuchsia is a perfect magenta match that will bring vibrancy and fun to any living space!

Ultramarine Blue

If pink isn’t your thing but you want to get creative with 2023’s hottest colour trends, Ultramarine Blue is for you! This dreamy blue has a long history in art, as the use of highly prized Lapis Lazuli pigment was a sign of wealth and status. Luckily today it’s much easier to incorporate into your interiors! We offer a variety of not-so-moody blues, from our popular Confetti Blue, to our Metal Frame range, which includes 3 beautiful shades of this stunning colour. For the truest Ultramarine, we recommend metal frame Profile 15 in Hawaii.

Warm Woods

Trends have been moving away from cool tones and embracing warm tones as we spend more time in our homes and seek more comfort from interior spaces. Warm toned woods have been championed by interior designers recently for their inviting qualities and natural beauty. Get this cosy, homey feel working for you with a warm toned framing treatment for your walls- We love Mono Wenge for a welcoming and textural feel.

Gold Accents

For handles, doorknobs, taps, and everywhere you might have once found only chrome, gold fixtures and accents have been on the rise, and this trend is forecast to become even stronger as we head further into the new ’20s! Gold brings warmth, brightness and a touch of glamour, and when contrasted against jewel tones, provides a chic and luxurious feel. We love our Box Gold frame for this purpose, giving elegance to photography and prints alike.

Natural Materials

Can something that will stand the test of time be called a trend? We think it’s here to stay! Natural materials such as wood are being emphasised more and more by interior designers, as its one of the most effective ways to layer in texture and personality. We love working with natural materials and use them in the majority of our frames, not only for their quality, but because the beauty of nature will never fall out of style. Our Brushed Black frame is a really effective way to invoke this- It’s wire brushed to allow the woodgrain beneath to shine through, for a stunning result.

Whether you’re obsessed with the latest looks, a lover of the classics, or simply doing you, you can find the perfect frame for your style in our range!

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