Five Fun Picture Projects for the Weekend

Weekends are for fun, so any projects on the list should be stress-free as well as productive! For simple yet oh-so-satisfying ways to get creative, why not try one of these easy and fun photo projects that come together in minutes?

Frame Your Best Shots

Featured Frame: Confetti Light Blue

Photos are for far more than just the social media churn, and we’ve all accidentally lost priceless images when freeing up space on our devices, so regularly looking through the camera roll is a must! Take a few minutes to look through the last few month’s worth for hidden gems, and give them the frame they deserve!

Switch Up Your Space

Featured Frame: Manor White

Spring decorating is on everyone’s minds, but don’t get out the brushes and rollers just yet- switching up your wall art is an easy and incredibly effective way to make your space feel lighter, brighter and more visually appealing! Look for areas in your home that are looking bare and drab, and design something perfectly suited to that space with our easy Online Photo Designer!

Check off your Gift List

Featured Frame: Anjou Champagne

For any birthdays, anniversaries, christening or wedding gifts on the horizon, nothing feels as good as getting the perfect gift ready to go! All you need is one special picture to melt their hearts, and our huge range of moulding, mounts and style options mean you can create the perfect present with them in mind every step of the way.

Create your own Gallery Wall

Featured Frame Range: Simplicity

Nothing adds more personality and wow factor to your home than a custom made gallery wall! For easy galleries, arrangements of multiple pictures of the same size and frame style on a grid layout is a great place to start, but you can get as creative as you want and mix and match different sizes and frame styles for something completely unique. It’s your gallery, your rules!

Get Your Favourite Photos Together

Featured Frame: Nordic Box Light Grey

Want the fun of a gallery wall but don’t have the wall space? A Multi Photo Picture Frame is the perfect solution. Each one of our layouts comes in different sizes to help you match it to your space perfectly! They also make amazing gifts, getting your favourite memories together in one frame.

Featured Frame: New Orleans Grey

Our Online Photo Designer lets you get the best out of your photos- designing wall art takes minutes, and we hand make and ship within 4 days!

For quick and easy photo projects that will be treasured for years, head to our website and get creative!