Enhance your Photos with the Golden Hour

If you want your photos to pop, there’s no better time of day to shoot than during the golden hours. The hour after dawn and the hour before dusk have a magical quality: The diffuse, warm, versatile and flattering light present during these times is a photographer’s secret weapon! This time of year is perfect to try it: the last days of summer give us some great golden-tinged days to play with. Here’s some simple photo ideas you can try during golden hour to see how it enhances your photography!

Portrait Photos

Featured Frame: Simplicity Gold

Shooting good portrait shots outside can be tricky. Instead of fighting harsh lighting conditions or trying to work with dull light that makes your subjects look tired or washed out, opt for a golden hour shoot. The soft, warm tinted light is universally flattering, and gentle enough that your subject won’t be squinting with the sun in their eyes! Experiment with back lighting and side lighting for interesting results.

Landscape Photos

Featured Frame: Art Oak

Nothing gives a landscape scene more impact than dynamic lighting, which is exactly what you get during the Golden Hour. With the sun low in the sky and casting long shadows, details in the terrain are given more definition than any other time of day. The rising and setting sun also creates the most beautiful skyscapes of the day, so get ready to capture the quickly changing colours and light!

Nature Photos

Featured Frame: Studio Black

If you’re looking to get into macro photography, choosing the golden hour to shoot plants and wildlife is the perfect time! Get on ground level and use the sun to backlight your subject, looking for interesting ways the light filters through translucent things like leaves and petals. You’re also more likely to encounter wildlife at dawn and dusk, which is a welcome bonus!

Urban Photography

Featured Frame: Carbon (Small)

The Golden Hour isn’t just great for shooting organic subjects- it also works amazingly well for cityscapes and street photography. Head into the heart of the city with your camera to photograph interesting streets, architecture, and authentic street life before the day gets too busy. Buildings and other objects cast long shadows during this time of day that you can use to create striking compositions and great tonal values!

Silhouette Photography

Featured Frame: Andover White (Large)

A strong use of silhouettes can communicate so much to a viewer, as well as being a useful tool to create impactful compositions. Shoot facing the rising and setting sun and look for objects with interesting silhouettes. You can shoot so many things this way, but we love trying it with trees, skylines and people. If you’re shooting people, see how using poses alone can get the intended mood of the photo across.

Featured Frame: Profile 15 Soft Walnut (Metal Frame)

A Few Quick Tips

  • Always be aware of your position in relation to the sun. The shadows will drastically change depending on whether you are facing the sun, away from it or shooting from the side.
  • Come prepared! Have your kit ready to go as golden hour is fleeting and you’ll want to spend all of it shooting! You’ll be amazed at how quickly the light changes too.
  • Experiment, experiment, experiment! If you’re not used to shooting at this time of day, don’t be scared to take some test shots to figure out what gives you the best results.

Once You have your Golden shots ready, all that’s left is to frame and display your work! Our website has all you need to make beautiful framed pictures from your photos, upload them now and get designing!