Easy Ways to Improve Your Photos

When we think of “good photos”, we tend to think of high-end cameras, expensive lenses, and specialised equipment, but the key to amazing shots lie in a good foundation of knowledge that anyone can build! With a few simple principles to keep in mind, you can start introducing techniques into your photography that make a huge difference in the final results. Here are some of our favourite easy ways to level up your skills fast!

Try The Rule of Thirds

Featured Frame: Distressed Deep White

If you don’t know where to start when planning your shot, use the Rule of Thirds to guide and inspire! Our eyes tend to focus on the left and right-hand thirds of an image, so it’s a great place to position the most important elements of your picture. Imagine a grid that divides your viewfinder into 9 sections to help you out! Here, the building has been placed in the left-hand third of the frame to give the image a good sense of balance.

Use Negative Space

Featured Frame: Lincoln Black

When creating striking visuals, using negative space in your shots is important to make your subject matter stand out and help you communicate the intention of your picture. Negative space can be anything from an empty sky, a blank wall, or anything that is plain enough to give the subject of your picture space to breathe and avoid visual clutter. In this shot, it’s used to frame the two figures and demonstrate a sense of scale.

Find Symmetry

Featured Frame: Profile 15 Pearl Mercury (Metal Frame)

We’re subconsciously drawn to symmetry, and it’s key to our perception of beauty in the world! Luckily, symmetry is everywhere in nature, and seeking it out can lead to some inspiring results. Look for it in the petals of flowers, bird wings, and in reflections. Here, the hazy reflection of the bird and tree in the water below creates an interesting effect.

Discover Leading Lines

Featured Frame: Modern Reverse White

When appreciating a photo, we want to take all of it in! Leading lines draw in the eye and guide it to where the photographer intends. Just like symmetry, you can find leading lines to use in your shot everywhere! Some of our favourites include roads, furrows in fields, long shadows, steps, and flowing water- anything that creates “lines” in your composition that your eyes naturally follow. In this shot, the eye follows the path into the horizon line.

Experiment with Depth of Field

Featured Frame: Standard Black

Today’s cameras and phones are so powerful that they can photograph everything around them with pin-sharp focus! This is great in a lot of cases, but many images, especially photos of people, animals, plants and near-by objects, need strong focus on the subject, and soft focus on everything around them. Use a shallow depth of field to focus on your subject and make any visual clutter recede into a hazy, beautiful background. Here the details of the butterfly can stand out as the background plants in frame are left in soft focus.

No matter what camera you’re working with, achieving great shots is always possible! You can frame your best shots to perfection with our quick and easy framing service.

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