Create Your Travel Story with our Marvelous Multi Photo Frames

If a picture says a thousand words, imagine what a multi framed picture can do! When your trip can’t be summed up in just one image, expanding your horizons and choosing a selection of photos is the way to go. Here are just a few of the Multi Photo layouts we offer, as well as some suggestions for how to use them!

Create interest with a Pinwheel layout

Featured Frame: Nordic Box Oak

Our Pinwheel layout is a fun and interesting way to mix Portrait and Landscape photos. We love mixing up wide and close shots, giving a complete overview of this beach scene! The arrangement helps guide your eye around the layout, making sure each picture gets equal attention.

Mix Family Portraits and Landscapes

Featured Frame: Confetti Red

Holidays are often about two things: Family fun and beautiful locations! While both make great standalone pictures, bringing them together in one frame really helps intensify the memories made on the trip. Choose your best shots and mix and match for interesting results!

Curate your own photo collage

Featured Frame: Simplicity Grey

Reminiscent of old Polaroids, our 9 aperture square grid layout is a great way to turn your holiday photos into an immersive travelogue that exudes coolness! This layout is especially good for modern aesthetics, and also works well with shots of friends and family.

Unite Three Photos

Featured Frame: Simplicity White

We have a selection of three aperture layout designs for a reason: a trio of pictures is often all you need to tell a great story! When displayed together, this collection of beach photos looks a lot more unified than they would if displayed separately.

Play with Scale

Featured Frame: Mono Wenge

A four image Multi Photo layout doesn’t have to be uniform. Often having one big picture and three supporting pictures works amazingly well for creating an impactful series of pictures. Look through your photos to see if there is a series of photos leading up to a “wow” moment, and go from there!

All of our Multi Photo layouts are available in a range of sizes, and are hand made to order with any frame and mount choice that you want! Head to our website now to upload your photos and create your own story.