Choosing the Perfect Mount for Your Pictures

Mounts do so much for framed pictures! As well as protecting your art and acting as a barrier between your photo and the frame’s glazing, a mount can create space around the picture, give extra impact, and draw the eye into the image. 

Our most popular mount option is Glacier, an off white, slightly textured mount that looks good with most pictures, but we carry a whole spectrum of beautiful mount colours that can give your photos extra pizzazz!

Our range of high quality picture mounts.

We’ve put together some simple ideas you can try with your own photos. Take a look at how a picture’s appearance can transform with different mount choices!

Create Colour Harmony

Frame: Simplicity White – Mount: Morning Dew

Matching hues in your photo is a great starting point. This photo is filled with soothing, soft colours, so a pastel colour like our sage green mount Morning Dew is a great way to carry that softness throughout the whole framed picture. The pink of the roses is now nicely contrasted, and the whiteness of the clothing now looks a lot more striking!

Let Your Photo Be the Star

Frame: Manor Black – Mount: Aragon Grey

Often a more subtle colour of mount can bring a picture forward! In this snowy scene, we found that the snow was looking grey against the white of the mount, so we used Aragon Grey to keep the snow looking brighter and fresher than anything else in the frame. Try playing around with different shades of mount to see how your photos appear against them to see the difference!

Make a Bold Statement

Frame: Rounded Scoop White – Mount: Dark Blue

Sometimes all we crave is glorious, vibrant colour! We loved the colour scheme in this photo and felt the striking orange of the sand was bold enough to hold it’s own with a complementary colour. We used our Dark Blue mount to set it off, and we love the results! To try this yourself, look for an image with a pop of bold colour and pick a mount of it’s opposite colour on the colour wheel to play it off against.

Double Up

Frame: Nordic Box Mocha – Mounts: Glacier, Congo Green

We offer double mounts as well as singles, perfect for playing around with two mount colours. When you want a hint of colour but don’t want the entire mount area covered, this is a great option. We kept the exterior mount white here, while we used our Congo Green mount for the interior. This matches the waves in the scene nicely without becoming overwhelming.

Working in Monochrome

Frame: Aruba Black – Mount: Black

If your photos are black and white, don’t feel as if a white mount is your only option! Experimenting with other colours can help you change the feeling of your photo. The addition of a black mount to this black and white landscape adds extra moodiness and atmosphere to the scene, while letting the lighter values present in the image take centre stage.

Our Online Photo Designer’s preview makes it so easy to switch between different mounts, letting you experiment with the full rainbow in our range! Head to our website to upload your photos and try it yourself!