5 Ways to Get Creative with Mounts

When framing a picture, everyone thinks about the frame itself, and although mounts are almost always included in frames, they’re often overlooked as a design element that can make a huge difference to your pictures! 

While we love the Glacier single mount that most of our customers pair with their photos, there’s a whole world of mounting options available to inspire! Here are a few of our favourite ideas to help you get creative with mounts.

Our range of mount colours

Double Mount

Featured Frame: Coastal Wenge

Even if you prefer white mounts, there’s still an opportunity to get creative. We offer Double as well as Single mounts, and sometimes a Double Mount is just the right touch, creating depth within the frame and drawing your eye into the scene. If full colour mounts aren’t your thing but you want a pop of accent colour, a Glacier Outer mount paired with a colour Inner Mount is extremely effective!

Colour Matched Mount

Featured Frame: Manor White. Featured Mount: Dark Blue

One of our favourite mounting techniques is to identify a colour within the image and emphasise it with a match from our mount range. It’s a mounting treatment that shows that you are paying attention to the image itself and pairing it with something relevant to achieve a striking yet harmonious result! You can try this with both subtle and bold colours to create different statements. Here we’ve used the blue of the kitten’s eyes to inform the mount choice.

Complementary Mount

Featured Frame: Distressed Deep White. Featured Mount: Burgundy

Just like the Colour Matched Mount, choosing a Complementary Mount for your picture is creating a strong design informed by the image itself. Pick a prominent colour in your image, then pair it with a mount that is its opposite colour on the colour wheel to create a colour story that pops. Here we’ve set the dominant green in the image with the red tones of our Burgundy Mount. You’ll be amazed at the impact this can create for your own photos!

No Mount

Featured Frame: Andover Bronze (large)

Choosing to frame without a mount is a design statement unto itself! You can select “No Mount” when creating your design and preview how it looks to decide whether your picture looks best with or without one. Here we’ve chosen a traditional look for this wedding photo, invoking an oil painting feel with our Andover frame. The absence of a mount helps suggest a classic portrait hanging in a gallery!

Custom Mount

Featured Frame: Nordic Flat Charcoal, Featured Mount: Morning Dew

Your creativity knows no bounds, and sometimes you want something a little more custom for your piece! We can cut just about any shape for your mount, everything from circles to ovals and hearts to stars- We can even cut lettering into your mount for a fun alternative to a text box. Contact us to discuss your idea with us!

Our Online Photo Designer makes it so easy to experiment with different frame and mount styles! Just upload your image to get creating and find the perfect pairing for your photo!