5 Top Tips for Great Pet Photography

We love our pets and want to take the best pictures possible of them, but it’s not always easy! We’ve put together our 5 top tips to help you get some amazing shots of your furry friend that you’ll want to hang pride of place.

Know your pet.

Frame: Anjou Black

Knowing what makes your pet tick is key to getting great photos of them. If they know any commands such as “sit”, that’s perfect, but if not, improvise! Is your dog or cat highly food motivated? Tempt them with a treat. Do they have a favourite toy? Hold it while you take shots to grab their attention. Don’t forget to give them lots of praise when they do well, it’ll make any future photoshoots with them easier.

Be patient!

Frame: Provence Gold

Your pet doesn’t understand what you’re trying to do, so factor in plenty of time for the shoot and be as understanding as possible. Trying to be the pet paparazzi and following them around with your camera will just make your pet feel uncomfortable, so when your model wanders off set, try not to express your frustration, and they’ll come back to you for more shots in no time. Pet photography calls for a lot of patience, so make sure to prepare yourself for those challenging moments.

Utilise Natural Light.

Frame: Coastal Wenge (Small)

Like all forms of photography, good lighting is a must for getting good results when it comes to shooting pet portraits. Strong studio lights might not be tolerated by your pet, so look for good lighting conditions that occur naturally. If you’re indoors, windows provide the best light and many cats and dogs gravitate towards a sunny spot in the house naturally, making them happy to stay there while you shoot. When outdoors, experiment with diffuse light as well as direct sunlight to see the difference it makes.

Try different angles.

Frame: Simplicity Grey

We’re used to seeing and photographing our dogs and cats from above- try getting on their level, be it on a sofa or on the floor, for some really interesting results. This is a great way to get close and capture the beauty of your pet’s eyes and other fine details that you would miss otherwise. Experiment with full body shots, 3/4 portraits and close ups for plenty of variety. We also love shooting pets from below for a fresh perspective.

Embrace movement.

Frame: Square Oak

If your pet just won’t sit still, don’t fight it! Harness that boundless energy with a dynamic action shoot instead. Running, playing and pouncing all make for great photos, and best of all, your pet’s personality will shine through no matter how they play! Challenge yourself and your camera to keep pace with your pet and take plenty of shots to make sure you capture every movement to perfection.

Frame: Andover Champagne (Large)

Every pet is unique, and so is every piece of wall art we make! Visit our website to upload your pet’s best shot, and design your purrfect framed picture now!