5 Top Textural Frames

Good interior design isn’t just about cohesive colour schemes and clever layouts- to create comfort and mood in your space, adding texture is key! Whether its a beautiful woodgrain, a burnished metallic, a contemporary sheen or a quirky crackle effect, texture is big in 2023, and can rescue rooms with a neutral colour palette from blandness.

Here are a few of our favorite frames to create visual interest, promote texture and give your space character!

Aruba Black

Featured Frame: Aruba Black

Our popular Aruba Black frame brings understated texture that has a subtle yet powerful effect on whatever you pair it with. It appears just black at first glance, but look closer to see a beautiful metallic sheen peeking through the foil finish. When a plain black frame seems too basic a choice, Aruba Black is just what you need to add elegance and level up your look!

Carbon Black

Tree bark, volcanic rock, burnt charcoal… Carbon Black is a dramatically textured frame that evokes the beauty of the world around us. Available in two widths, its chunky profile, complete with its signature texture makes it perfect for adding drama while still celebrating natural materials. We love to pair it with landscape and nature photography, as well as city scenes. It will also complement any rustic wood or natural stone in your space perfectly!

Brushed Grey

Featured Frame: Brushed Grey

The paint finish on our Brushed frame is carefully wire brushed after drying, a technique that reveals the wood grain beneath and creates a wonderfully textural weathered look. Also available in Black, the Grey version reminds us of driftwood and will bring a breezy, coastal feel to your space. We love to pair it with light colour schemes, as it’s warm enough to give white walls personality and a welcoming vibe.

Andover Gold

Featured Frame: Andover Gold (Small)

Our Andover frame range is a great way to add a sense of luxury. It takes style cues from classic gallery frames, but its clean lines allow for a modern application. Available in 6 colours and 2 widths, each version of this frame has a subtle grain running through it to add texture. The metallics, such as our Andover Gold frame, dials it up even more with a beautiful foil finish. We love this frame as a perfect way to incorporate the trend for gold into interiors.

Metal frames

Featured Frame: Profile 15 Soft Mercury

Adding texture doesn’t always mean making a huge statement. Sometimes just a hint of texture is all that’s needed to make a big difference! Our slimline metal frame range isn’t just about different colours or types of metal: we also offer a huge variety of texture options. We have Polished frames for a high sheen, Pearl & Satinato frames for a silky smooth finish and our Soft range features a brushed metallic look. Incorporating these into your designs is a great way to layer in texture without pulling focus away from the artwork or photography!

This is just the tip of the texture iceberg! Head to our website to explore the range, full of wonderful woodgrains, marvellous metallics and fascinating foil finishes that will look amazing in your home!