5 Tips for Sensational Summer Holiday Photos

The summer holidays are here! No matter what your dream destination, you’ll want to take some outstanding shots to remember your trip by. Here’s the Framed Picture Company’s top 5 tips for holiday photos you’ll want to frame and keep forever.

Be Prepared to Capture Fleeting Moments

Frame: Lincoln Ivory

Whether you have your itinerary planned to the finest detail or you’re kicking back and going with the flow, it’s always good to know that an unmissable photo opportunity might arise at any moment! For planned activities, try to anticipate what you think will be standout moments so you don’t miss them. Don’t forget that spontaneous shots are often the most authentic memories we have of our trips, so keep that camera close by!

Look for Interesting Lighting

Frame: Simplicity Whitewashed Oak

The difference good lighting makes to an image is astounding, and is a crucial element for any photo. Try getting up extra early to experience a summer sunrise and get some breathtaking landscape and cityscape shots for your trouble. Sunsets are also incredibly impactful, and as the light changes, so will the atmosphere of the photos. Don’t forget the Golden Hours: The first hour after dawn and the last hour before dusk have a unique, gold tinged light that will enhance the beauty of every photo you take, so plan some shots during these times to take full advantage.

Make Family Photoshoots Fun

Frame: Brushed Grey

Asking everyone, especially the kids, to get together and pose for a formal group photo on their holiday might be difficult! Turning your family photoshoot into a casual affair where everyone can be themselves will make it fun for the whole family. Look for activities that get the family together, such as meals, excursions and play time to make everyone relax and at ease. When everyone’s having a good time, it will shine through in the photos you take!

Photograph Hidden Gems

Frame: Firenze Scoop Gold

We all want to photograph iconic landmarks in our holiday destination of choice, but getting off the beaten track and finding your own interesting subjects makes for a photoset that is unique and an authentic representation of your trip. Wandering with your camera and looking out for interesting subject matter will help you explore and get you engaging with your environment.

Keep it varied

Frame: Confetti Light Blue

The best travel photos capture the spirit of the destination, so make sure you’re not shooting too much of the same type of photo. Mix it up with landscapes, architecture, street scenes, night photography, shots of food, nature and everything in between. Looking at everything with a photographer’s eye will help you discover some amazing photo opportunities, and create an immersive visual travelogue that’s sure to impress.

Don’t let those holiday photos go to waste- upload them to our website now and design your perfect framed picture to remember your travels for years to come!