5 Tips for Outstanding Landscape Photos

Capturing the majesty of nature has always been a fun and rewarding challenge for photographers. Successful landscape photography is immersive and evocative- it makes the viewer feel as if they are there, and creates a sense of atmosphere. If your landscape photos are feeling a little flat, read our 5 simple tips to take them to the next level!

Scout your Location

Frame: Andover Bronze (Large)

As always, planning your shoot a little ahead of time will really pay off. Roam your location of choice, taking a few test shots along the way, looking for interesting features in the landscape, and creating good compositions through your viewfinder. Once you have an idea of where your best shooting spots will be, you can focus on other elements that will elevate your photos.

Factor in the Time of Day and Season

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The time of day and year will both heavily contribute to the overall feeling of your photos. Getting up extra early to photograph a sunrise and the following golden hour will produce amazing results, as will the afternoon golden hour, sunset and dusk. Be aware of the sun’s position in the sky and how it lights your landscape. Photographers have been known to stay in one place for hours to take advantage of the quickly changing light, so patience really pays off when getting the perfect shot.

Keep your eye on the skies

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It might be called landscape photography, but the sky is just as important when it comes to the impact your landscape photography will have. Don’t feel as though you have to wait for cloudless skies, certain clouds can actually be the secret ingredient to giving your photos that extra shot of drama! Clouds move quickly, and changing light can affect their colours, so take plenty of shots and see what a difference it makes to the scene as they move overhead.

Take advantage of reflections

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Our eyes are drawn to symmetry, and utilising the reflective properties of water is the landscape photographer’s secret weapon to creating showstopping photographs! Look for still bodies of water, as they will cast the best reflections, and avoid windy days if possible. Early morning is a great time to photograph reflections in water as the light quality is not as harsh as towards midday.

Use Leading Lines to Guide the Eye

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A well composed photo draws in the viewer and has a good focal point for the eye to rest on. Looking for leading lines in the landscape is a great way to help you create an engaging composition. Roads running through landscapes are a great place to start, but leading lines exist everywhere. Look for things such as streams, waves, coastlines, railway tracks, furrows in fields and more. Before you know it, you’ll be able to identify them wherever you go to aid your composition.

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