5 Tips for Better Family Photoshoots

If you’re getting together with family this Bank Holiday, it’s a great time to take some wonderful photos to remember the fun and celebrate being together. With a few handy tips in mind, you can take your family photos to the next level!

Choose your Backdrop

An attractive background that doesn’t distract the eye away from the family is perfect for group shots! If shooting in your home, an area that’s relatively free of clutter works the best. If you want to have a blank backdrop, try hanging a sheet or shooting with a plain wall as a background. We love using rough textured walls such as brick to add interest without being too much!

Think about Lighting

Good lighting is top priority when it comes to getting great results! If shooting outdoors, plan your shoot for either the morning or evening, when the sun is lower in the sky and more flattering. Position your group so the sun is strong enough to illuminate their faces without hurting their eyes! When shooting indoors, shooting near a big window will help you work with the natural light that you have. Using reflectors and additional lights out of frame will help you get the best results.

Plan What to Wear

Outfit choices that are cohesive really help when bringing groups of people together! The idea isn’t to match each other, but to wear colours that work in harmony with each other and the tone of the photo. Anyone wearing brighter or lighter colours than everyone else will become an instant focal point in the image, so reserve this for special celebrations such as birthdays where you want to feature a star family member!

Get Everyone Involved

We know: Not everyone likes posing for photos, so an icebreaker will really help get everyone relaxed! Take special care with children and pets, making sure they’re happy and have everything they need before you shoot.

If getting everyone looking at the camera and smiling is a challenge, why not turn it into a game? This will help keep small children engaged and in on the fun. Embrace what’s unique about your family rather than try to replicate influencer perfection for some authentic shots that are extra special.

Switch Up Poses

The way your family is posed will affect the composition and mood of your photo! Get your standard tallest-in-the-back shots, but don’t be afraid to mix it up with a few other arrangements! You can play with height, spacing and different family member groupings to shake up the shoot and make it more dynamic. Throwing in a few props is also a great idea to avoid stiff poses and camera-shyness!

Frame those magic family moments to look back on for years to come. Just upload your photos to our Online Photo Designer and create something to be treasured!