5 of our Favourite Black Frames

Black frames are the most popular in our range, and it’s no wonder! Classic, versatile and always in fashion, black is a staple but far from being basic. No matter what your style is, there’s the perfect black frame for you in our range. Here are just some frames that are loved by us and our customers alike!

Frame: Box Black

Box Black

No list about black frames would be complete without our perennial bestseller, Box Black! It’s no wonder that this frame is the most popular in our range. It’s a thin, minimalistic frame, making it a fantastic choice to match with just about anything. In fact, we’ve seen it work well with just about every type of photography you can think of! Its clean profile also makes it a perfect frame for gallery wall arrangements.

Featured Frame: Studio Black

Studio Black

Studio Black creates a lot of impact by standing out on the wall, thanks to its chunky profile. The depth of the frame is complemented by an open grain wood finish, which works very well with nature scenes and landscapes. We love using it on strong images, like this mountain scene, but it also works very well with portraiture and pet photos.

Featured Frame: Anjou Black

Anjou Black

When you want a traditional looking frame without too much ornament, Anjou is the perfect choice! It’s got an elegant look thanks to its dramatic scoop profile which seems to draw in the viewer’s eye. While it is very much a black frame, it also features a foil finish that adds an interesting depth to the colour. As its a classic frame, we think it’s a great choice for wedding photos and other special keepsakes.

Featured Frame: Florence Black

Florence Black

Dramatic, Baroque, Maximalist… there are so many words to describe our Florence frame, but “boring” isn’t one of them! We love the many beautifully crafted details that make this frame so special. Also available in Gold, Silver and White, the Black version has a gothic vibe that we can’t resist! It’s great for traditional subject matter, but it also lends itself very well to quirkiness. Try it with a framed canvas for a truly classic looking piece!

Featured Frame: Aruba Black

Aruba Black

A truly beautiful frame, Aruba Black seems to elevate every image we pair it with! Featuring a graceful outward scoop and a metallic sheen thanks to its foil finish, it’s a wonderful choice to bring out finer details in your image. We especially love how it works with black and white images, seeming to set off the tonal values perfectly every time! It’s another frame that we think will outlast trends and look stylish decades later.

We’ve just touched on a few of our black frames, but there’s much more to explore! Visit our website to see our full frame range and use our preview system to quickly and easily see how your photos look in each frame!