5 Great Mount Ideas for Your Photos

Even though mounts have just as big an effect on pictures as the frame moulding, they’re often forgotten about when thinking about framing choices. More than just a barrier between your print and the glazing, mounts create space and balance, as well as bringing texture and sometimes colour to enhance the piece. Here are some easy mount ideas you can try to elevate your framed pictures to new heights!

Embrace Colour

While most images look good with a white mount, they can often look much better with a well chosen colour mount! We offer a wide selection of colours for just that reason. Some great colour mount ideas include picking out a statement colour in your image and picking a mount to match, choosing a complementary colour to contrast against your image, or emphasising soft colours with a pastel mount. If you don’t want to go full colour, a colour inner mount is a great choice that adds interest without becoming overwhelming!

Get Creative in Black and White

Black and white photography is a classic, and it’s tempting to stick with our best-selling Glacier mount for this kind of image. While we think our Glacier is a wonderful all rounder, there’s so much more we offer to help black and white images look great! Try soft greys like our Aragon Grey, or a moodier choice like Dark Grey to bring out dark tones in your image. We also love the drama of our Black mount against black and white prints. Try it and see how it changes the feel of your photo!

Choose the Right Width

It’s not just colour that plays a part- The width of your mount in relation to the frame moulding and the print within will definitely impact the overall look and feel of your picture. Finding a good balance is key- Wider mounts will help your image “breathe”, providing some negative space around it to draw in the eye. Narrow mounts are great for smaller pieces where the mount size would overwhelm the image. We offer both single and double mounts in 60mm and 40mm sizes, so make sure you preview with both to see the difference!


Even though you can create countless mount combinations with our Online Picture Designer, that’s just the start of what you can do with mounts! You can get a Text Box cut into your mount simply by adding what you’d like it to say in the Delivery Instructions box at checkout. We can make a special photo even more special with custom shaped mounts too- Ovals, bevelled edges, stars, hearts- you name it! We can even cut lettering into your mount for something really special! Just email us to find out more.

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment!

When we frame a picture, we think outside the box, trying all kinds of different mount and frame combinations before we choose what to use. Often the best results come from trial and error, so we keep an open mind and make sure to keep experimenting- after all, framing is an art and not a science! Luckily, our Online Photo Designer makes it easy for you to toggle through different styles to make sure you find the perfect match!

Bring your photo and your creativity, and we’ll do the rest! Upload your image to our website now, and see your photo with our extensive frame and mount options!