5 Great Ideas For Jubilee Celebration Photos

From the 2nd to the 5th of June this year, the Queen will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, marking a record-breaking 70 years on the throne!

As we head toward this historic occasion, here’s some ideas to help you capture some amazing moments from the day, preserving those memories not just for ourselves, but for the generations to come.

Group Photo- Flag Waving
Celebration starts at home! We all want to remember the Jubilee not only as a huge historic occasion, but a personal memory to treasure.
Get your friends and family together for one amazing group shot that you can all look back on, and don’t forget to wave those flags for a dynamic and engaging result!
Union Jack Flags, Bunting and Hats
Whether flying high on a flag or emblazoned on bunting, hats, t shirts, cakes and everything in between, you’re sure to see the iconic Union Jack in all its forms over the next few days! 
Sum up the passion and patriotism all around you by photographing the most creative displays you can find in your area. Incorporate lots of variety for a fun photo set that really captures the spirit of the event.
Street Party/Garden Party
The British public have been throwing street parties to commemorate important events for over a century. When people come together to celebrate, there’s something that will make an amazing photo everywhere you look!
Be an event photographer for a day and try to capture the fun spontaneous moments as they happen, then show your best shots to your friends and neighbours.
Beacon Lighting 
Those in search of a truly unforgettable celebration might want to check where their nearest beacon is.
These historic beacons form a chain across the UK and are lit to celebrate Royal Jubilees, Weddings and Coronations and are often set on high ground, atop castles, cathedrals, along cliff sides and parks. When lit, they make for high impact, dramatic photos that are worth remembering for a lifetime.
Look up your nearest firework display over the Jubilee weekend and grab your camera for a chance to flex your firework and night photography skills. 
The numerous displays being held throughout the country promise to be one of the most spectacular sights to see throughout the event, perfect for capturing for posterity!

However you choose to spend the Jubilee weekend, we wish you 4 days of fun, togetherness and happiness! Make memories worth framing, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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