5 Great Coronation Photo Ideas

May the 6th marks the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III. With a bank holiday from the 6th to the 8th to commemorate the occasion, there’s plenty to see, do and capture with our cameras to remember for years to come. Here’s some top tips to help you create a coronation photo set that’s fit for a king!

Create Personal Memories

The King’s ascension to the throne will be documented by countless cameras, but make sure to remember how you and your family celebrated the event! Games with the kids, sharing a meal, hanging bunting, making food and creating decorations are all little things that make for great personal subject matter, and create a strong memory of the event for years to come.

Celebrate with your Community

One of the most enduring memories of last year’s Jubilee was how communities came together to celebrate! Get involved and check out any special street parties, Big Lunches, and other events happening in your area. No matter how big or small, what’s happening near you is unique, part of your own personal history and worth celebrating! 

Include iconic imagery

No coronation photoset would be complete without the iconic Union Jack! You’ll be able to spot it in various guises all weekend, be it on bunting, clothing, tablecloths or proudly flying above it all. Look for the most creative displays, or even create your own to document and remember proudly. Other iconic imagery includes crowns, sceptres, lions and unicorns, all helpful prompts for getting creative!

Keep your Eye on the Skies

For an awe-inspiring photo opportunity, look no further than the skies! Spectacular events are planned, such as the Lighting Up the Nation event, which will light up key cities and locations with light effects, drones, lasers and projections to create one breath-taking display. And it wouldn’t be a historic event without the Red Arrows, so check out their flight path to catch them in action! Perfect for photographers in search of an iconic shot, this is definitely worth braving the crowds for.

Beacon Lighting & Fireworks

For ambitious photographers in search of impressive images to mark the Coronation, seek out your nearest beacon! These are lit during special events such as coronations, jubilees and royal weddings, to form a chain of lit beacons all around the country, and are perfect for challenging yet rewarding night time photography. Firework displays are also a great way to test your skills, and there are plenty happening up and down the nation.

No matter how you spend the Coronation Bank Holiday, we’re here to frame every precious moment! Visit our website to upload your best shots and create your masterpiece now!