5 Fantastic Frame Matches for Valentine’s Day Gifts!

You’ve got that special photo, but it needs a frame to turn it into a special gift. We’ve got a huge range of frame options to give you full creative freedom, but don’t worry if you need a little inspiration. Here are some of our favourite options that perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts and will look amazing with whatever you want to frame!

For Framing Milestones 

A special photo deserves a special frame! Important milestones in your relationship are set off beautifully by an elegant frame that will transcend trends and create a piece that can stay in the family for generations. We recommend our popular Wentworth frame range for a sophisticated and classic framing treatment with a luxurious feel. Available in Black and White with the option of a metallic inner bevel, it’s a great choice for both colour and black and white photography.

For Posters, Poems or Song Lyrics

A poster of their favourite movie, a poem that helps you put your feelings into words, the lyrics to that one special song you share… these all make fantastic gifts, and look their best in a minimalist frame. Minimalist doesn’t have to mean boring, though! With its bevelled edge, distressed finish and sophisticated colour palette, New Orleans is a great frame choice to give images like this a stylish twist. 

For Cute & Charming Moments 

If you’re planning to frame a sweet moment to tug on those heart strings, a romantic frame choice will really set the mood! We recommend a frame with a graceful profile to softly complement photos like these. Our Burlington frame range is a great choice for this, available in a flattering neutral palette that will look great with most photos and be an easy match for existing decor.

For Their Favourite Colour 

The best gifts reflect the tastes of your partner, so show them you’re in tune with their tastes with a frame in their favourite colour! Our Confetti range gives you the whole rainbow in two width choices, making matching it to your photo easy. For the same idea but more frame choices, browse our Colour frame category, or choose a coloured mount to pair with any frame!

For an Easy Match

We get it- sometimes you just want a reliable choice that will look great in any setting and work well with any image! Basic but never boring, our best selling Box range is simple done right. Available in Black, White, Silver and Gold, they’ll look great with anything you pair them with, and like all of our frames, are made with top quality materials and craftsmanship that sets them apart from shop bought frames.

For all this and much, much more, upload your photo and preview it quickly and easily with our frames to design a beautiful gift in a few clicks!