5 Fantastic Father’s Day Photo Gift Ideas

We love our dads, but shopping for them takes a little inspiration! What do we get for the man who gives so much but never asks for anything?

Get ready for stress-free gifting: We’ve put together our essential Father’s Day Photo Gift Guide full of great ideas so you’ll never have to resort to buying a pair of socks for him ever again!

Family Photos

Frame: Brushed Grey

If you’re looking for an easy yet thoughtful gift, look no further than your own family photos. Explore old photo albums for forgotten gems that you can digitally scan, or pick a more recent moment from your camera roll to upload and turn into a beautiful piece of wall art that will surely get an emotional reaction when he opens it!

Travel Photos

Frame: Manor Slate

Some of the most magical memories we have come from our travels, and your dad is sure to have a few of his own. Choosing a few key destinations he’s visited in the past opens up a whole world of possibilities for wall art. Cityscapes, seascapes, landscapes, not to mention landmarks and architecture make for perfect photo gifts because they strike a good balance between personal and stylish, and will look great in any space.

Dad’s Own Photography

Frame: Aruba Black

What better way to celebrate dad than to celebrate his own creativity? Whether he’s a pro or a keen hobbyist, he’ll have a wealth of photos that he’s left on his memory card that are going unseen and underappreciated. Choose a shot you know he’s proud of, and match it with one of our beautiful hand crafted frames for a show-stopping gift that will take pride of place.


Frame: Seville Scoop Black

We might not have the cash to get our dad the car of his dreams, but a framed shot of one of his favourites is sure to go down well! From stills that show the beauty of the design to dynamic action shots, this type of photography makes impressive wall art that your dad will love. Experiment with different angles and close ups for something unexpected and effortlessly cool.


Frame: Profile 15 Matt Black

If your dad has a hobby or plays a sport, celebrate it with a framed photo! Go along to see your dad’s team play and capture the action, join him in the shed to photograph him at work on his latest project, or get hiking and snap some nature photography to frame along the way. No matter what you do together, you’ll make fabulous memories and have a great picture to remember them by too.

We know every dad is different, that’s why all of our frames are unique and hand made to your exact specifications. Visit our website and upload your photo now to design your dad’s perfect gift!