5 Fabulous Frames for Wedding Photos

Wedding photos are more than just photos! They’re an important part of your own personal history, and are often passed down the generations as treasured keepsakes. They deserve nothing less than a first class framing treatment to keep them looking beautiful as the years pass by. We’re often asked about timeless frames for wedding photography, here are just a few of our personal favourites that you can find in our range!


The understated elegance of our Anjou frame makes it a popular choice for photos with sentimental value. Its graceful inverted scoop profile and foil finish take inspiration from traditional picture frames, but its clean lines give it a classic look that will look good in years to come. Available in Black, Gold, Silver and Champagne, it’s a lovely complement to wedding photos of all kinds.


Traditional, yet never dated, our Provence frame is a premium looking framing treatment that lends itself very well to important life events such as weddings. It has a beautiful spoon profile and a unique depth of tone and colour thanks to it’s foil finish, which is available in White/Silver, Black/Silver, Gold and Silver. We think it really helps elevate any photography it’s paired with.

Aruba Black

Our popular Aruba frame is an ideal match for weddings. While it’s most definitely a black frame, it’s given a lot of visual interest by its rich finishing, which includes subtle metallic hints shining through the black. Versatile and chic, it’s an especially good choice for black and white photography. We encourage you to see the beauty of this top quality frame in person!


Taking style inspiration from a classic gallery look, Andover is a traditional frame with a luxury feel. Richly finished, it’s available in a huge array of colours, including Black, Bronze, Gold, Silver, Champagne and White, making matching the mood of your wedding easy. It’s even available in two widths, small and large, to help you balance your photos to perfection.

Standard Black/White

Sometimes, a simple frame with a flat profile is all you need to let your photos shine, and our Standard frame does just that! Made from quality wood, it’s available in black or white for easy colour matching and features an open wood grain, which gives a hint of subtle texture without pulling focus. Its slim profile allows it to sit close to the wall for a more modern vibe that we are confident will stand the test of time!

Are your wedding photos still on your hard drive? Getting them to pride of place on your walls couldn’t be easier! Upload them to our website now and find your perfect frame match easily with our Online Photo Designer!