5 Easy Projects for the Weekend

We know the feeling- the weekend is finally here, but it didn’t bring the sunshine with it! It’s the perfect time to unlock your creativity, all from the comfort of your home. If you’re looking for some easy and fun projects for this weekend, why not try some of our favourite ideas?

Wake up your Walls

When the day is overcast, it’s easy to see which areas of your home need a little TLC to lift everything up! Adding framed pictures is one of the most effective ways to promote a sense of light and space in our homes, making rooms seem more spacious. Choose large, light coloured pieces to open up the space, hung over natural focal points in the room like sofas, bedheads and mantelpieces. For hallways and rooms that don’t get much light, go for rich and vibrant tones that will add warmth without feeling dreary. You’ll be amazed how different a room can feel without a new paint job!

Have a DIY Photoshoot

DIY at-home photoshoots exploded in popularity over lockdown, and show no signs of going away any time soon! They’re quirky, informal and best of all, much cheaper than a studio session! This is a perfect way to get creative, take pictures of the family and have fun along the way. Choose a good backdrop, set up some lights, and maybe include some whimsical props and costumes that will make the kids happy to pose! For more tips, be sure to check our blog post on how to get the best results from your family photoshoots.

Look Through Old Photos

Sometimes the passing of time makes us realise what some of the most precious moments really were! You probably have lots of priceless photos from over the years going unseen in photo albums, on hard drives and on memory cards. You might have forgotten they were there, yet when you see them, the memories will come flooding back! Why not have a look through and find some hidden gems that deserve a space on your walls? This is a fun and sentimental activity to do with loved ones on a rainy day, so get together to pick out the standout shots and favourite moments.

Choose Some Art for your Home

Nothing uplifts, inspires and enriches our living spaces more than being surrounded by art we love, so boost your mood by hanging your favourite pieces! Did you know we offer a wide variety of art prints? Browse our carefully chosen selection to find modern masterpieces as well as classics from the Old Masters. Best of all, you can be your own gallery curator and frame your favourite art your way, with your choice of wall art style and frames. Will it be a classic framed picture, a gorgeous giclée poster print or a beautifully textured canvas? The choice is yours!

Create Your Own Art to Frame

With numerous cheap or free digital art apps available for tablets and phones, creating your own art has never been easier! Try your hand at sketching portraits or still life, or if drawing feels daunting, go abstract and create art by playing with shapes and colours to suit your living space.

You can upload your digital art right from your phone or tablet to our site, so getting your masterpiece off the screen and onto your walls is easy! If you want to flex your creativity without the learning curve, try playing around with the Photo Filters available on our Online Photo Designer with existing photos.

We love framing all sorts of photos, pictures, art and all the other amazing things our creative customers come up with! Upload your pictures to our website now and create something uniquely beautiful!