5 Easy Gallery Wall Ideas

Love the look of a gallery wall and would love one of your own, but don’t know how to get started? Here are some of our favourite ideas to help you get inspired! These layouts are versatile and will look great in a variety of places and frame styles, making it easy for you to incorporate them into your own project.

The Trio

Featured Frame: Hampton Black

A trio of complementary framed pictures displayed together is a simple but effective way to create a fantastic visual display that has so many uses. Keep it on one level or experiment with height and create a stepped design if you have more space to play with. It’s perfect for above a sofa or a headboard in the bedroom, but on a smaller scale it works fantastically above a side table or in a hallway. For a modern take on a Triptych, crop a wide photo into three sections to display as three pieces.

Three Pictures, Two Sizes

Featured Frame: Coastal Black (Small)

If you’re new to gallery walls and want to experiment with an easy layout, displaying one larger picture alongside two or three smaller ones is a great way to get started. You can arrange these three frames in a variety of ways to create lots of interesting layouts. Here we’ve kept it fairly uniform by making sure the top and bottom edges of the two smaller pictures’ frames line up with the larger frame.

Alternating Frames

Featured Frame: New Orleans (Red)

The way you arrange your pictures in a gallery wall can help create a path for your eye to follow as you look at each image in the arrangement. For this group of photos, displaying the pictures at alternating levels makes for a lively feeling that’s suitable for the subject matter. Perfect for when you want something that’s fun but not too complicated!

The Grid

Featured Frame: Nordic Box

Some things are classics for a reason, and the grid method of creating a gallery wall is a tried and true example of this! When you want to display a lot of pictures of the same size, this is a fantastic way to make sure it stays neat and organised, giving equal attention to each frame. We love it for family photos, travel photography, nature and so much more! Here, we’ve played with the layout a bit by offsetting the top row rather than having a straight grid.

Creating Compositions

Featured Frame: Lincoln Grey

If you want to try your hand at a more ambitious gallery wall, there are a couple of things you can try to come up with interesting arrangements. Here we’ve arranged all of the pictures on a straight line running parallel to the desk. We then used the larger picture in the middle and arranged the rest of the pictures around it, making sure to keep the spaces around the picture as even as possible. Even though there are only two sizes of frame, using portrait and landscape creates a lot of variety!

There are so many ways you can arrange a gallery wall to suit you and your space perfectly! Our Online Photo Designer allows you to design wall art quickly and easily, perfect for getting together a showstopping Gallery Wall that we’ll hand make, pack carefully and ship safely to your door. Head to our website now to upload your images and get started!